How to Earn Money by Selling Your Child’s Stuff?

Posted by Once Upon A Child® on November 12th, 2019

Whether you have one kid or three, as a parent you face a common problem – too much stuff piling up. At the end of each season, you might find yourself with piles of used toys, clothes, shoes, and other odds. You realize that your children have grown out of and this stuff is taking up space. A consignment shop is a great and quick way to sell your Baby Equipment in Grande Prairie and make more money.

Selling baby equipment in Grande Prairie AB through consignment shop is sounds perfect. But, generally, people don’t have an idea about where to start. Here are some tips and tricks to get started.

1) Find a Speciality Store

If you want to make more money, search for a specialty store for your baby equipment in Grande Prairie AB. It will help you to earn more and score a better price on your leftovers. General shops are only good for items that can’t be categorized in specialty shops. So, find a specialty store for your used baby stuff and make more money.

2) Know What Sells

Usually, children’s resale franchises or consignment shops looking for stuff that sells quickly and easily. That’s why taking a nearly unworn pair of jeans or clean baby toys is perfect but your baby’s old little league trophy is not a good option. Before you take your stuff over there, consider whether you would buy the same item for your child or not.

3) Clean Your Stuff

If your baby equipment is in tip-top condition then you will get more money for it. So, it is a good idea to wash your baby’s used clothes and ironed them or cleaning used toys before taking them to a consignment shop. Make sure your items don’t have any stains and other marks because consignment shops will not accept marked and worn-looking items.

4) Read the Contract Properly

If you choose to sell using the profit-sharing method, you’ll get a contract. The contract provides you with information about the percentage for sharing, how the items are priced, how long your items will be there on store shelves, and when you can get there to collect your money. It’s vital to know the details so you aren’t disappointed by the result. If you don’t want to go for a profit-sharing method, you can even opt for an instant cash option.


Of course, you won’t get rich by selling old baby equipment in Grande Prairie to consignment stores. But, you can get rid of a lot of stuff in your house or apartment and clear out someplace. Instead of throwing away your baby’s perfectly good items that could end up in landfills, by selling it to the shops such as Once Upon A Child that accept such items helps these items get reused or repurposed. It may bring a bright smile to someone’s child’s face and you will get instant cash for it.

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