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Posted by Diana Garcia on November 12th, 2019

Living sustainably and green is perhaps the greatest need of the times we live in. For decades now, the science of global warming has been crystal clear regarding the devastating impacts of climate change on humans, animals, other species, and the environment overall. Increased levels of floods are wreaking havoc on communities around the world. Amplified amount of droughts are destroying crops and killing animals of the people who are solely dependent upon them for their livelihoods.

Harmfully variant cycles of rain are also massively affecting the crops of farmers around the world, most of which are from the poorest countries on the Planet. All these existential issues are also raising the spectre of conflicts in the already bedraggled regions of the world. The whole demographic, ethnic, and social makeup of the world could change within the coming decades because of this damning issue of climate change.

The Role of Commercial Packaging

Encasing stuff has now become an essential element of every single type of manufacturing industry. And, of course, we need to make boxes first if we want to put stuff in them. And, for making them, we require raw material. So, a responsible industry using environmentally friendly raw materials could play a vital role in mitigating the effects of climate change. Its role cannot be ignored.

Corrugated Boxes could be used to heal the harmful effects on our environment. And, to do that, we need to make them environment-friendly. Environmental safety should always be on the cards while manufacturing custom boxes as it could be of great importance for saving the environment from degradation. Here’s how to do it:

1.Relocation of Materials

We need to ensure that our custom shipping boxes do not harm our environment in any way. They should be made not only from those materials that are easier to carry and relocate but also from materials that help the cause of environmental sustainability. The traditional use of bubble wraps has now been replaced by cushion rolls which can bear more shocks.

2.The Role of Customization

Custom printed boxes need to be discussed here too. The ink used should come from environmentally friendly sources and should not harm our surroundings in any way. Soy ink has been touted as a very good source for printing things while also posing no risk to the environment. Custom cardboard boxes should be made while keeping environmental standards in mind. These must be made from materials that very light and environmentally beneficial. They, as a result, increase the advantages for business & customers. While presenting gifts to someone and buying Custom gift boxes, we should ensure that we’re fulfilling our ethical duty of protecting our environment and not buying and manufacturing any harmful materials.

3.Light Weight Designs

Cardboard boxes come as a huge advantage to businesses as well as end customers. They’re easy to ship and handle. Perhaps, the most efficient materials out there, their use should be encouraged at every level. We should also design custom packaging boxes that don’t weigh much and aren’t the source of any nuisance for our environment. The software could now be used to make optimum designs for the materials so that they’re as efficient as possible.

4.Deploy Biodegradable Materials

In order for us to reduce the impacts of climate change, we need to increase the use of printed packaging boxes that degrade on their own. The idea behind this is based on plant-based materials. They degrade on their own and put zero pressure on the environment.

5. Keep it Minimal

One aspect of environmental protection is to keep our eco-friendly boxes minimalistic. Using lesser materials not only puts less burden on the environment, but it also reduces the cost of making it and then shipping it. Minimalistic designs require far less space than the traditional ones making them highly efficient and cost-effective.

6. Use Sturdy Materials

Kraft Boxes are not only good for the environment but also for the industry too. They’re well-built & sturdy. They reduce the costs for both the customers and the businesses exponentially. Brown kraft boxes are also excellent for our environment. They’re a special type made essentially for keeping our environment safe.

7. Use Easily Reusable Materials

Recycled boxes are highly beneficial for our surroundings. They can be used again and again by us, putting no strain on our environment. They create a cycle of sustainability which is good for everyone eventually.

Using the Environment itself

For achieving optimum levels of environmental protection, we need to ensure we’re using natural kraft packaging. In this way, we avoid using too much artificial stuff and use the environment itself for serving the purpose of protecting it.

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