A Piece of Advice to the Youth to Awaken the Eminence Within

Posted by General Advice on November 12th, 2019

The swift era is now leading to the advancements and empowerment of the technology. But like every other thing, this also has its own pros and cons. Digitalization has led to generate a handicapped section of youth who are using digital means especially the smartphones to confine themselves. This is the reason why most of the young beings suffer from a weird condition of anxiety these days. Social awkwardness is not just the only impact of the increasing involvement in the digital world but this is ultimately leading to cease the unbound creativity that the young minds can bring out.

What are the problems faced by the young generation?

Smartphones are no new names for young minds. They have accepted the smart culture well but what lacks is striking the right balance to maintain a normal and healthy living. Nothing can overpower the real socializing but with the advent of social media, virtual socialization has been the prodigy of the era. This has led to making the young generation fall short of communication skills. They have surrounded their whole being with virtual world keeping their way out of the real-life happenings. Not just the life of the young beings but this has also led to threaten our future.

Smartphones on affecting the mental wellbeing:

The use of smartphones is great if there is a disciplined approach to it. If one gets addicted to using smartphones and other digital means without any pause for hours and hours, then it is nothing but an addictive attraction. In this case, the eyes of these beings are constantly exposed to the blue light and they become nothing less or more than just being lifeless zombies. Thus, the mental wellbeing gets affected and the fresh minds develop a lot of unusual odds at such a tender stage like stress and anxiety.

Obesity and sleep deprivation can additionally affect young generation:

It is okay if there is a little schedule issue throughout the day for which the bedtime is delayed for an hour or a half more but what’s exactly happening around us seems to be an intentional hindrance to the health. What is the common bedtime for people? Mostly at 10 or a maximum of 11 pm. But the bedtime of today’s novices is generally at 1:30 or 2 pm. As per the researches, these beings not just suffer from sleeplessness but they also gain weight due to excessive lack of the basic movement of the body.

The ultimate advice to young minds:

Keeping pace with the digitalization and technological advancements is always welcomed but leaving behind the healthy and normal way of leading a life can have a hazardous impact. The only possible solution to the young generation is having control over the excessive indulgence in the virtual world.

The advancement of the times is a blessing in disguise which has been bestowed to mankind if it is used wisely. Making a disciplined approach to using digital means and not getting addicted to this world can be the ultimate advice to youth that can be extended to the young colts who have shouldered the responsibility of leading the future generation.

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