What is the Importance of Digital Marketing ?

Posted by Avi on November 12th, 2019

Whether you have just completed graduation, or you have been working in a certain industry for a while and you are looking for something new, you are probably discovering education options. A career in digital marketing can be an interesting one, and as the demand for digital marketing is growing day by day, we can say that there will never be a scarcity of job in this field.

As far as pursuing a new career is concerned, employers prefer those candidates who have undergone relevant training, which signifies that they are skilled in the field. “Is it better to get certified in a certain field or should you choose a four-year college degree at the university?” This is a common question that strikes an individual’s mind.

While growing up, we are told that going to a college is an optimal choice. We will learn everything we require, and employers will favour that over a certification. But, is it the same case today?

We cannot deny the fact that there are certain occupations that need a college degree. But as far as digital marketing is concerned, it is very important to measure the pros as well as the cons of a degree versus attaining digital marketing certification. The fact is that traditional universities do not offer a digital marketing course for professionals and students. This is one of the reasons why most of the students choose a generalized marketing degree.

While they may learn some of the fundamentals of online marketing, students may not get a fully focused education that solely focuses on internet marketing. Digital marketing certifications can teach students all the required skills they require to achieve success in the world of digital marketing, in a short period of time and in less price.

As a professional certification course focuses on a certain subject, students don’t have to waste their time in learning things that are irrelevant to their career.

Still not satisfied?

Here are a few reasons to why it is important for a digital marketing professional to get a certification:

A) Career-focused: A professional certification in digital media is important for those who want to attain specific career objectives within a short span of time. Digital marketing courses focused on SEO, advanced social media strategy, PPC, content marketing, search engines are helpful for those who want to achieve success in a digital marketing career. As far as university degrees are concerned, they are of a longer time period and has an undefined return-on-investment, because they don’t focus on certain goals.

B) Saves time: Generally, it takes around six months to complete a digital marketing certification, depending on how many skills are you planning to attain. An individual need to pass the exam for attaining any type of digital marketing certification. On the contrary, it takes around four years or more to complete a degree in digital marketing from a university.

C) Saves cost: If we do a comparison between the cost involved in doing a university degree and a digital marketing certification course, we will understand that the digital marketing certifications course is much cheaper than a university degree. There are a few reasons behind this:

· The certification exam is of less duration, so, the operational costs are also less
· There are many important digital marketing certification courses available online, so there is no extra cost involved. Students don’t have to worry about living expenses and transportation.
· On the other hand, achieving a university degree often needs on-campus visits, which can increase the overall education cost.

D) Developing certain skills: There are digital marketing certification courses that build a certain skill set like SEO, web analytics, PPC, digital marketing strategy and content marketing. Each of these skills is very much required for those jobs that are in high demand today. A university degree in digital marketing will provide more theoretical knowledge about the various marketing principles to social media marketer or any digital marketing professional. Although it is useful, it does not help a person practically.

For instance, it is good to know the ideologies of targeting and segmentation. But, if you do not know digital marketing skills, like for example, how to improve online presence, how to set up a Google Ads campaign then, the theoretical knowledge will not be of much help. This is where the practical knowledge of expert matters.

E) Improves authorization: Becoming a digital marketing certified professional will help you to improve your authorization at a professional level. During the social media strategy certification course, one can enhance their digital marketing skills under the supervision of an expert. This will provide an individual with the chance to work in an esteemed organization.

F) Flexibility: One of the biggest benefits of attaining a digital marketing certification is students can take up such courses online too. No matter whether one is at home, travelling to some place, they can continue learning the lessons included in a certification course.

G) Start your own startup: Once you get all the necessary knowledge about digital marketing, you are good enough to start your own venture. Digital marketing is defined as an in-demand skill that entrepreneurs use to launch successful digital marketing campaigns about their products and services.

H) Widely recognized: Nowadays, digital marketing certifications holds more value compared to any university degrees. One of the main reasons behind this is that large multinational companies need individuals who have attained a digital marketing certification.

I) Keeps you updated: Conventional mode of education, like for example, university programs generally do not change with the current industry trends. On the other hand, online certification courses are specifically designed by keeping this end objective in mind. As these courses are developed and designed by experts of this field, these courses usually are up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

J) Individual learning: Classroom coaching helps students to realize their strengths and weaknesses. In classroom coaching, students get the chance to focus on different projects, labs and get guided support through popular teaching assistants, like the one provided by Streamlyn Academy, Bangalore.

Once you have decided to pursue a certification course like for example, Google Ads certification, the next important thing you must do is choose a course that suits your requirement. We are known for offering the best digital marketing courses in Bangalore. We provide certifications in:
. Google Analytics
. Hubspot
. Google Ads
. Google Bid Manager
. Google Ad Exchange

Our teaching methodology is different from the traditional way of teaching. Our skilled trainers allow students to work on Live projects under their guidance. This gives them a deeper knowledge and boosts their confidence.

Our Google Analytics, Google Ads and Google Ad Exchange certifications can make you a power-packed digital marketing professional. Multi-national companies, firms and start-ups need digital marketing experts. Career opportunities in digital marketing are immense, just dive into the ocean and our trainers will teach you to sail.

Streamlyn Academy is an education initiative of Streamlyn Media, a media publishing agency headquartered in Singapore. We are the only institute in India to teach Programmatic Advertising. Located in Bangalore, India, our main goal is to be at the forefront of innovation and cutting-edge technology in the world of digital marketing.

This is an era of digitization and we provide a wide range of digital marketing courses to help students, entrepreneurs and professional to cope up in this competitive world. We provide the right training with practical knowledge. We not only provide classroom training to students but also guide them through various projects from reputed clients.

If you want to be a professional in digital marketing, then you should be a part of Streamlyn Academy. Our skilled trainers will give wings to your dream of becoming a digital marketer and help you in making the right career choice based on your interest and skills.

At Streamlyn, we train students, industry executives, fresh graduates and professionals. We do not promise unrealistic goals, but yes, we have placed our students in top MNC’s in different parts of India. We have set a placement record of 93%. Our teaching methodology includes practical and theory classes. We do not promise unrealistic goals, but yes, we have placed our students in top MNC’s in different parts of India. We have set a placement record of 93%.

We have a tie-up with 200+ companies PAN India. Other than these 200 companies, there are many other reputed organizations where our students are placed. Apart from digital marketing, we have expert web developers to help trainees to optimize their websites, web designers to help students optimize the design etc.

Want to join us for learning digital marketing? Talk to our experts.

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