Meeting a Modern and More Conventional Method of Therapy

Posted by General Advice on November 12th, 2019

Advancing time has been bestowed with endless conveniences and one of them is the e-therapy. These are extended to the people in two forms, one is over text and the second medium is over video calling. If you seek some psychoanalysis or therapy, then you can reach out to the e-therapy.

Why people seek therapies?

Everyone needs counseling in his life. With the ups and downs of life, one can barely be calm and positive to every odd that life throws. When things go beyond one’s ability to deal with, one chooses to reach out to the therapy. When you go unheard of your conscience, a perfect therapy can get you back to your track again.

The therapy can be diversed in many aspects for different individuals. It completely depends on the issues of the individual. This can be an assistance, guidance or even an enlightenment session as well. Some of the people who often reach out to the therapy suffer from depression, anxiety, lack of support, distress, lack of communication. Some rare kinds of beings even take therapies to understand themselves deeply.

Online therapies being more preferable than offline ones:

E-therapies are known to more effective as compared to that of the face-to-face sessions. Low-cost and accessibility are not just the only advantages of offline therapy. A maximum of impact is observed in the e-therapy process. You can avail an unlimited number of the therapeutic session as per your wish until you observe effects. This wave is worth experiencing for people who seek mental health treatments. One can observe an improved emotional and mental health wellbeing.

What are the differences between text therapies and video therapies?

As stated above, the text therapies are conducted over chatting and the video therapies are conducted over video calls. You might be assuming the video therapies to be the consummate and effective forms. But to burst your bubble, this is not the case. Text therapies are known to be effective. Some of the major barriers of the video therapies are

#1 The delay of sessions: While choosing the video therapy, one can delay that for the lack of convenience but there can be no delay in the text therapies.

#2 Availing privacy: Privacy is a major concern. In video therapy, you might have to search for a peaceful location while text therapy can be a great option to attend the session without being much bothered about the convenience.

#3 A stigma of being seen: Patients feel a stigma of being observed in the video sessions. The text session is free of such feeling and thus, one can present himself or herself with no filter applied.

#4 Charge: The video therapy are costlier than that of text therapy.

In this way, e-therapy has emerged as one of the predominant methods of psychological treatments. Their virtual presence makes no difference in making the process effective. Baring the therapy needs is still a problem for people. There is a section of people in the society in this hi-tech era who believe the therapy is nothing but a process of burning hole in the pocket. Figure out your needs and go for online therapy to ensure convenience and treatment simultaneously.

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