Dubai Visa- Everything You Need To Know

Posted by Pournima on November 12th, 2019

A holiday in Dubai is everything about fun, adventure and thrill. It has set the benchmark with its massive structures, hotel giants and leisure destinations. Who wouldn't want to soak in the views of Burj Al Arab, ascend the Burj Khalifa, dip inside the turquoise water of the beach and camp in the sand- all within one boundary. 

From budget travellers to spendthrifts, people look for the right time to plan their vacation here. And the dream trip to this futuristic and entertaining city is only possible with the valid Dubai visa except you are from GCC or the 33 countries across America, Europe of Far East who have been given the privilege of visa on arrival. 

Here is the comprehensive yet short Dubai Visa Guide to help you sideline the hassle-

 What is a Visa? 

Visa is an official document that permits a person to visit a foreign country. It is a stamp issued by the foreign officials on the passport making it legal to enter, stay within or leave the territory.

Types of Dubai Visa

We refer it Dubai Visa, to specifically mention the city and make it easier for the audience to earch, but there is no specific visa for Dubai, instead it is called the UAE visa. UAE has 7 emirates and Dubai is one of them. 

UAE splits the visa types on the grounds like purpose of visit and days of stay, including Dubai visit visa, transit visa, and tourist visa.

Single Entry Visas: This is a visa that allows the traveller to enter and exit only once in the region, within the given time frame. 

  • 96-Hour Visa (Valid up to 30 days from the date of issue)
  • 14-Day Visa (Non-extendable)
  • 30-Day Visa (Non-extendable)
  • 90-Day Visa

Multiple Entry Visas: This is suitable for those visitors who are planning to go to and fro, making multiple entries in UAE, within the time allotted. It is either a short-term visa for 30 days, or a long-term visa for 90 days. 

 The type of visa on purpose are:

  • Tourist Visa-Dubai tourist visa is preferable for people on holiday, who want to explore the city solely for a leisure purpose
  •  Transit Visa- If you have a stopover in Dubai or are transiting across the UAE's airport, the transit visa allows you to discover the city for 48 hours/ 96 hours; only if you have confirmed hotel booking and flight departing ticket from Dubai within the duration of the transit. 
  • Visit Visa- For families and friends who have a residence permit to UAE and want to spend the leisure time in the country without involvement in any business activity, visit visa is your choice. 

Dubai visa online

  • Work Visa- This allows a foreigner to do a job or carry out professional work in Dubai. 

How to apply for Dubai Visa?

You tell someone that they have to apply for a visa and they are facepalmed, because it's hectic, right? Absolutely not! With the right local travel partner by your side, you can get the UAE visa in a few days- as easy as ABC. 

Dubai visa online

Here is the fun part, since the world is getting digital, applying for Dubai Visa could be done online, at the comfort of your home. The reputed and recognised agencies help to understand the procedure, how to fill the form and what documents are required. Register yourself, fill in the forms, make the payments and you are all done!

 Documents Required for Dubai Visa

It is very necessary that the bearer completes the form with proper details and do not miss out on any column. Following are the requisite documents when you submit the visa application-

  • Passport size Photograph
  • Valid Passport
  • Passport page with exit stamp, if you’ve visited Dubai before
  • Valid address proofs
  • Cover letter stating your purpose and duration of the visit
  • Confirmed return air tickets
  • For female travelling alone, NOC is required either from father or husband.

Do Indians need a Dubai Visa?

Yes, Indians require a visit visa or a travel visa to enter into Dubai as a tourist.

What is the cost of Dubai Visa?

The price of any Dubai Visa changes according to its type. It can be as low as 215 AED and can rise to 800 AED. 

 Contact an experienced agent and with easy documentation and quick processing, get your Dubai Visa in an instant.

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