Advantages of Using Games For Learning English

Posted by Suruchi Pandey on November 12th, 2019

Most of us believe in a common myth that playing games has an inimical impact on the education or learning of a person/child.

What if I say that it is not purely true?

Yes, you read that right. This day, education and online gaming aren’t enemies any more. Research has shown that there are many benefits of playing games in the process of learning. In fact, English learning games and even video games can help you learn and master English faster and improve overall comprehension.

Now certainly this doesn’t mean that you should spend every single second of the day staring at a screen- playing games. Just like anything else, excess of this activity can harm you in many ways, however, carrying it out in a desirable way can benefit you in several ways.

Since we live in a world which is dominated by technology, there are many applications/websites which help learners improve their English skills by providing games and a lot of other stuff which brainstorms them and challenge their thinking level.

Most games require the learner to think quickly. Moreover, they have to utilize their logic in order to think three steps ahead to solve problems and complete levels. In this article, we are highlighting the advantages of playing games for learning English.

5 Advantages of Using Games For Learning English

1. More Motivation

There is no denying that playing games increase overall motivation. By playing games, the learner tends to feel more motivated to learn, pay attention and participate in tasks.

Not just this, games help students to become a part of a team as well as take responsibility for their learning.

2. Fun Way to Learn

When compared to any other traditional way of learning English, learning English by using games is a lot more fun and engaging. Every learner would prefer learning while they enjoy the process, and gaming allows the same.

By playing games, they end up covering more content through the games, which also makes the recollection of the knowledge they gained more efficiently.

3. Free to Make Mistakes and Learn

Most of the games certainly require the integration of several linguistic skills including reading, listening, speaking, and even writing(in fewer games). Moreover, while playing games, learners accept that making mistakes in a game is totally natural and that’s how they learn.

By removing the fear of making mistakes, learners are free to learn by making mistakes and further develop their linguistic and cognitive abilities.

4. Help You Evaluate Your Skills

This is one of the major advantages of playing games while you learn English i.e. you can evaluate your skills in many different ways. There are many English learning apps which provide different ways of evaluating and boosting your English speaking and learning skills.

A few apps do that by providing the learners with a quiz which helps them evaluate their skills, while a part of apps like EngVarta provide them with an assignment after the online session which helps them inch up their English speaking skills.

5. Increase Positivity and Lower Stress

Using games in the learning process helps to create positivity around the lesson and motivate them with their participation. Moreover, learning books can be a bit daunting task for most of the learners, and games wins hand over those books by providing the learners with a fun way i.e. less stressful way of learning.

Being less stressed helps learners to have a more positive perception of their learning environment, thus increases interest and engagement.

So, here you know how beneficial can playing games and English practice apps are in your learning process. Now, are you ready to leverage games/app to boost your English learning skills?

Find the perfect game or English practice app for yourself this minute.

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