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Abstract art is an artistic classification of visual reality. It is a non-objective, non-figurative, and non-representative art that doesn’t offer clear narrative but a portion of familiar narration. In the world of art and painting, many potential painters take inspiration from their surroundings and portray an image based on their imagination. The key feature of abstract art is to reflect a communication of emotions, feelings, nature, self-perspective, and facts about real life. Abstract art has influenced many painters from ancient and modern centuries with a reflection of imagination and creativity.

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Classification of Abstract Art

Abstract art is divided into six categories and they are as follows-

  • Curvilinear Abstract Art – This form of art is associated with Celtic Art which is predominately found in the Gulf of Papua region in Southeastern Papua New Guinea, and it is characterized by a curving line used for making abstract patterns like circles, swirls, spirals, and so on. It represents human facial features formed by curved lines.
  • Colour-Related or Light-Related Abstract Art – This particular art form is characterized by a swirl of pigment in every painting which is seen in the works of Turner and Monet, in order to detach a piece of art from reality.
  • Geometric Abstraction – It is the purest form of art which is also known as concrete art and non-objective art which is characterized by non- realistic images by using some geometrical shapes such as circles, triangles, squares, and rectangles and so on.
  • Emotional or Intuitional Abstract Art – These forms of paintings are designed with a theme of naturalistic tendency with shapes, colors, and style. It shares two important sources such as Organic abstraction and Surrealism and it brings a representation of art based on nature but not entirely on nature.
  • Gestural Abstract Art - This is an unusual representation of art which totally depends on intuition and personal emotions. Here, the subject of painting seems less important than the way it is painted.
  • Minimalist Abstract Art – This is a popular type of abstract art that is dominated by sculptors and here images are created based on geometrical shapes like circles, squares, rectangles, and so on.

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