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Posted by Patrick Parker on November 12th, 2019

There are numerous ways supplements are produced. Among these are tablets, capsules, or soft gels. Tablets are copied together with the dietary ingredients and some fillers to assist keep the tablet together. One of the biggest demerit to tablets is the fact that not only are you availing the ingredients you want, but also receiving artificial substances that producers utilize to keep the tablet in a single piece. Softgels are defined as a gelatin base shell adjacent to the liquid fill of the ingredient claimed on the label of a product.

Capsules are getting more and more popularity as the absorption pace of capsules is faster than that of tablets. Capsules provide a virtually tasteless enclosure and it’s convenient to swallow. There are two different types of capsules. They are available in gelatin and vegetable cellulose.

Gelatin v/s Vegetable Capsules

Though usually the same in appearance, there are a few differences that make them different from one another. Gelatin capsules are a derivative of animal parts from bovine or pigs. This also makes it problematic for people that do not eat pork because of religious reasons, such as kosher diets, to avail of the supplementation they have to incorporate in their diet.

If you are looking for Kosher capsules, then instead of looking offline, it’s better to buy them online.

Veggie capsules provide another option for people that do not want to take their supplements fenced-in gelatin. Vegetarian capsules even offer perks to customers who have no moral doubt with the ingestion of pork.

Veggie Capsule Advantages
Faster and Better absorption rate
 Kosher & Vegetarian-friendly
 Higher Tolerance to Heat & Humidity

Natural capsules are surely a boon for the entire human race. They provide so many health benefits.

The merits that vegetarian capsules have over gelatin capsules, apart from being suitable for various lifestyles and diets, are that gelatin capsules have a lesser tolerance to heat and humidity than veggie capsules. Therefore, gelatin capsules do not render stability when stored for extended periods.

Another advantage that vegetable cellulose capsules have over gelatin is the rate that it dissolves in the stomach. Veggie capsules dissolve faster and can release its contents to be consumed by the body at a more effective pace.

Nowadays, people are making lifestyle changes to a vegetarian or vegan diet. Going on a non-meat diet would likely make it difficult for them to consume dietary supplements that are encapsulated with gelatin capsules.

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