Alter Your Smoking Obsession With Quit Smoking Hypnosis In Los Angeles

Posted by Westside Hypnotherapy on November 12th, 2019

Struggling to alter behavioural patterns and quit unavoidable habits can be very frustrating and annoying. We all know that developing and nurturing undesirable habits like gorging on junk food, eating incessantly, lazing around, procrastinating important tasks, smoking, taking drugs or alcohol spells trouble.

We get hooked onto these wrong ways of conduct and keep repeating them on a subconscious level for years to come. For any attitudinal change the individual needs to desire a personal change in habits. For this the subconscious mind has to be accessed and alterations made in general lifestyle and mentality with professional assistance.

Our conscious mind has a strong will power and is logical, straight and makes rational decisions. In opposition, the subconscious is the hidden part of our mind that holds deep emotions and unbridled desires. It motivates us to nurture bad habits and negative behavioural patterns.

We all know that smoking cigarettes or consuming tobacco in any form is a habit that is against your goal of staying healthy, but the subconscious pampers the individual by providing a sense of security, pleasure, whenever a cigarette packet comes in vision. Thoughts of smoking tempt a person and the “stay healthy” and “save your lungs” pledge starts to waver. You can change your unhealthy cigarette, tobacco or cigar habit with assistance of therapists experienced in quit smoking hypnosis in Los Angeles.

You need to step out of the comfort zone of pleasure and the only way to do this is with the support of the professional trained in quit smoking hypnosis in Los Angeles. Similarly habits like alcohol and excessive eating can also be chucked off with the help of hypnotherapy.

In hypnotherapy and hypnosis, the dormant or subconscious mind is accessed and manipulated with suggestive therapy and the person marches forward voluntarily on path of “right living and correct behavior. Hypnosis helps build up positive associations and makes a person accept new ways of behavior by prodding the subconscious mind to get rid of unwanted memories and undesirable habits.

The professional makes use of imagery, suggestive therapy, and relaxation techniques to unwind the person positively into an ideal and happy behavioral pattern. Have you ever heard about a computer being reprogrammed so that it performs more efficiently and carries out more tasks? But contrary to what people feel, hypnosis is a natural and normal state of the body where the therapist brings out the best in you by altering conduct and actions through suggestions and awareness.

The therapist addresses the subconscious and dormant mind of the individual and finds a world of unbridled and hidden emotions and desires that have never been addressed before. He exposes these to the person and makes him or her deal and reprocess the basic cause of the emotional upheavals, fears, insecurities, lack of confidence, hidden memories, phobias, habits etc, with the help of different tools. With these techniques life changing solutions are offered which are chosen by the individual after the reprocessing them carefully. With a few therapeutic sessions the individual starts feeling better and can get rid of the fears and leave them behind permanently to life a nurtured and contented life!

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