Lawn care Grande Prairie tips to get a perfect lawn in summer

Posted by Rocdog on November 13th, 2019

Summer can be a tiring time for Lawn care Grande Prairie. While it can be a prosperous time for several lawns, equally it can also be a time for less looked after lawn to endure various problems that might lead to poor health. You can easily enhance your lawn with the help of the following lawn care practices as they go through the warmest months.

Lawn watering

Watering is the most significant feature of lawn health in summer. Good lawn watering practices help enable your lawn to send roots down deeper into the soil, beyond the level of evaporation of the topsoil layer, thereby resulting in your turf to stay tolerant to drought and heat. You can train your lawn slowly to form a deep root system by watering it once it shows signs of leaf wilt and then give the turf a deep gulp of water at that moment.

Fertilize lawns during spring

If your lawn is healthy ahead of summer arrival, then you can achieve a healthy lawn easily than waiting until the arrival of summer and then trying to form a healthy lawn. This applies to winter lawn care too.

Turf fertilization should be completed before summer and winter, the two severe seasons. You need to ensure that you fertilize the lawn using high-quality fertilizer before summer onset to help your lawn stays at its top health when the heat enters the place.

Significance of perfect summer lawn mowing

Soil moisture loss is accountable for most of the Lawn care Grande Prairie issues, during summer. You can greatly enhance this scenario by watering properly to encourage deep root growth, as said before. This way, you can also aid the soil by decreasing the lost water amount due to evaporation in summer.

If your lawn is strong and healthy in sunlight, you can cut them short. However, if it is less than ideal, you can increase the lawn mowing height to help achieve the greatest health advantage in summer. This lawn leaf length increase help insulates the soil in opposition to additional moisture loss, thereby resulting in fewer heat stress. This very same principle of soil insulation in opposition to moisture loss can be added further by mulch mowing your lawn. The cuttings from your lawn are recycled back rather than collecting and throwing them away.

Lawn pest and weed control

Some Lawn care in Grande Prairie pest and weed treatments can be severe on your turf, particularly those that are used by a landowner and not by an expert. You need to steer clear of treating for pests or weeds using chemical pesticides, during summer. You need to wait until milder days to perform any spraying. It is also better to treat for weeds and pests in spring, before the arrival of summer.

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