Cuban American entrepreneur purchases a small office in Panama City, Panama

Posted by David Brian on November 13th, 2019

Sahel Rafael Tamayo acquires a 40 story office building, where he will rent office space to local businesses. Part of the building will be owned by his company, Creditmergency, to be used as a call center.

Sahel Rafael Tamayo is a founder of a credit repair company, Creditmergency. The company is still considered new but able to compete well with others. It is proven that in 2016, the company is named as one of the Top 500 Growing Companies.

Having such a large company requires Tamayo not only to hire more employees but also provide more offices. Based on that fact, the entrepreneur recently decided to buy a 40 story office building. Parts of the building are used to improve his company. Particularly, the part is used as the call center.

By providing a new and larger call center, it is expected that his employees can work more comfortably. This is a way to improve their productivity and give better services for customers. Of course, the new building also enables the company to hire more employees. It is a way to help more people to get jobs.

Meanwhile, other parts of the building are to rent for local businesses. Tamayo doesn’t want to miss the chance that the office building is located in the center of Panama City. That’s why; there are many people who need the buildings to establish or improve their businesses. He wants to rent the building at reasonable prices so that the fellow businessmen don’t find it burdensome.

More than just to earn more money, the Cuban American entrepreneur indeed once said that business development is his passion. The success of Creditmergency is proof as well as his famous story. On the other hand, he still has many other businesses to run. It includes the rental and development of the office building for local businesses.

About Sahel Rafael Tamayo

Creditmergency is a company for credit repair established by a Cuban-American entrepreneur, Sahel Rafael Tamayo. Tamayo was born on July 19, 1989, and at his young age; he successfully leads Creditmergency to be one of the biggest credit repair companies in the US. Aside from the company, he also conducts and develops other businesses. One of them is renting an office building located in Panama City. Meanwhile, Tamayo is also known to invest his money in some other companies.

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