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Posted by zackjerry on November 13th, 2019

The twenty-first century is the era of technological development. In the previous time, the activities of children were limited to playing physical outdoor games with their friends or playing with their toys, while staying inside their homes. However, the children of the modern generation are more curious, creative and tech-savvy as well, which is the most important reason they are more into playing video games, as compared to playing the outdoor games.

Due to the increased interest of children in video games, several research studies were conducted to observe their impact on the personality of the children. Most of the researches highlighted the fact that the video games are based on the action plots which actually promote violence and aggressiveness among the children. The parents of young children became concerned and tried to stop them, which made the children stubborn and aggressive.

Some parents associated this with the impact of video games, while in reality, it was the reaction of children for not being allowed to practice their favorite hobby. I decided to write my essay about the impact of video games on the behavior and personality of children because I wanted to highlight the fact that children learn a lot by playing video games. Video games are actually beneficial for the children, and some of those benefits are following. 

1. Creativity

One of the most important aspects of video games is that it helps the children become more creative. Most of the games provide the children with the options of creating their characters, as well as setting the plan of the game, which requires their creativity. The children try to develop the features, in order to ensure their success and high score. Apart from this, video games involve a number of levels, which are designed to make the children think creatively and attempt to reach the next level.

2. Problem Solving Skills

Another important element of the video games is that they help the children in learning the problem-solving skills. Most of the video games are based on the treasure hunts or saving some land. The children have to save the main character of the game while facing all the obstacles and trying to avoid or deal with them according to the situation. It subconsciously makes them aware that life is not easy and they would have to deal with obstacles in order to make it easy and happy. They also learn that dealing with problems is the best way to move forward, instead of trying to avoid them and being attacked again and again. 

3. Curiosity about History

The plot of some of the video games is based on the actual historical and cultural events like wars, or explorations of land. Such games motivate children to learn about culture and history, in order to become familiar with it. The games also develop their knowledge about the historical incidents which helps them in their academics as well.

4. Communication and Cooperation

A general concept is that video games make the children distant from the outside world. On the contrary, children learn communication skills and cooperation by playing video games. The video games which involve partners, motivate the children to communicate with their partners, in order to discuss the challenges and come up with the strategies of overcoming the tough situations. They also help them to learn to cooperate with each other, in order to achieve their motive of success. 

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