Upcoming Applications of AR VR Technologies

Posted by Savita on November 13th, 2019

Augmented Reality( AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) is used as an essential tool for the marketing of products and services. AR-enabled eCommerce platforms provides more value to customers purchasing decisions. Businesses have experienced an increase in demand after they integrated their apps with AR/VR technology. Let’s explore some applications of AR and VR technology. 
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VR in Workplace Communication: AR and VR have changed the way we learn, interact, and communicate with the customers. These technologies have introduced new ways to socialize and learn effectively. Augmented and virtual reality has great scope for animators, designers, and developers. 3 D product orientation engages employees with a world outside their work location. logically organized and implemented visual content is place at the forefront of AR/VR. 
Virtual Reality in Courtroom: There has never been a technology that serves as proof for a crime scene. VR is now used as a tool to explain the mechanics of an accident, crime to a jury. Virtual reality enables lawyers to transport judges into the scene. The technology has been successful in several matters with catastrophic personal injuries. Traditionally lawyers used demonstrative exhibits, visual aids, and witness statements to explain an accident scene to the jury. Lawyers now use VR to showcase the jury or judge what exactly happened at a crime scene. The technology serves as an important witness tool to be a game-changer in the practice of law. 

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for Disease Treatment: VR and AR are unique immersive technologies. Using VR doctors can reduce the fear of their patients. VR puts patients into the environment while AR puts digital things into the environment. For instance, if a person fears to enter the water doctors can use VR to artificially introduce beaches, lakes, and rivers. VR and AR showed positive results in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Using these technologies doctors exposed the subject to the stimuli that caused the PTSD. The treatment is safe and enables the patients to work through the trauma at their pace. Through AR VR a person can enter tense situations as many times as they want and learn to fight with it. 

AR in eCommerce: Market for brick and mortar retailers reduced ever since AR was introduced to eCommerce platforms. Since AR puts digital things into virtual environments it enables customers to get an exact idea of that product. 

AR/VR for Virtual Home Tour: Real estate businesses are using Augmented Reality technology to provide a virtual tour to their clients. Homebuyers with VR goggles can walk through a home anywhere in the world. The technology opens up the opportunity for home shoppers to visit a home across the world without leaving their existing homes. Shoppers can virtually stage the potential home withing their VR goggle view. The technology enables home purchasers to find out nearby schools, dining areas, shopping centers, and more. Realtors can also describe the material used in building the plot through post-it notes. Without visiting that place home shoppers can remotely get a virtual tour of the place they are planning to shift. 

AR/VR for Guided Assistance: AR can bridge the workforce gap. Supervisors can remotely monitor and guide their junior staff members. Augmented reality enables supervisors to inspect the work and provide recommendations and point out areas of concern. Through AR, there will be no inaccurate judgments of the work quality. AR provides visual examples of good work whereas VR creates an immersive experience. It fosters empathy between employees, employers, and staff leading to a unified workforce. 

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