Where To Get Small Business Funding With A Bad Credit Score?

Posted by Crest Hill Capital LLC on November 13th, 2019

Research says that while only 25 percent of total funding comes from traditional sources, the rest 75 percent is derived from other alternative financing options.

Apart from taking help from friends and family (data shows that almost 50 percent of entrepreneurs get their initial funding from friends and family), there are several alt-lending options for small business funding for bad credit situations that you should consider.

Small business funding online: alternative funding

There are many nonbank lenders and online funding options available for small business owners. Usually, the offer amount is between ,000 - ,000. Some of these online sites are amazing resources for financing with bad credit. Since everything is online, the approval is really fast, with almost no paperwork.

Many alternative money lenders take into consideration other factors apart from credit scores to evaluate your creditworthiness. A few lenders don’t even have a minimum credit score requirement. If you’re a borrower looking for alternative financing options, then remember the following points:

  • Low credit history may result in a higher interest rate.
  • Do you have an unpaid customer invoice? You can leverage invoice financing in case you need some quick cash. In this type of alt-lending deal, the lender will check for the invoice amount to determine the amount of funds you are eligible for. They might want to check the credit score too, but that is not the main parameter to determine your eligibility.
  • There is always a chance to improve your credit score that can help you qualify for better rates.

Are you in business for less than a year?

If you are in business for less than a year, then there are certain alternative funding options available for you. These include business credit cards, which usually let you borrow amounts up to ,000 (depending on the lender), invoice financing, or merchant cash advance. All these are offered as unsecured funding to small business owners and are popular with clients with a bad credit history looking for funding amounts up to ,000.

Keep the following handy:

  • If you are looking for alternative financing with bad credit, then ensure you know your credit score. Your credit score may play as an influencer and can help you to determine your best financing option.
  • Research the requirements for each type of available funding options. While considering alternative financing, do not look only for eligibility, but also pay close attention to the repayment terms. Ensure you are comfortable with the repayment terms and are not hit by any last-minute surprises.

 On a concluding note, know your options thoroughly. The alternative lending industry is full of diverse players, each offering a slightly different type of deal. Researching these carefully will undoubtedly save you money down the line. Remember, only when you are aware of all the options, can you make an informed financing decision.

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