9 Places to Play Rummy, Download Game and Explore India

Posted by James Wade on November 13th, 2019

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9 Places to Play Rummy, Download Game and Explore India

When they say India is a beautiful country you have to be a fool not to believe that, because the truth is India is the most beautiful country with so many different cultures and so many places for one to explore. A great way to help you realise this traveller within yourself is to play rummy, download game and win money to book your next trip.

In no particular order this is my list to play for free, download rummy game and explore India:

  1. Andaman - Famous for it beaches and the turquoise colour of the water, Andaman is a beach lover's paradise. Free download rummy game and enjoy the boat rides, scuba diving and mouth watering seafood in Andaman.

  2. Coorg - It's called the Scotland of India for a reason, with picturesque views of their numerous coffee plantations. Coord becomes the best place to curl up with a cup of coffee, enjoy the weather and play rummy, download game to make the most of your time off in this beautiful place in the state of Karnataka.

  3. McLeod Ganj - The home of his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama a go to refuge for all the travellers who find themselves travelling to Dharamsala. Find yourself surrounded by down to earth people and unique handcrafts influenced by tibetan culture and cozy cafes which all fit into the low budget experience promised by McLeod Ganj and play rummy, download game for free which also fits into your low budget experience.

  4. Goa - We all know what happens in Goa stays in Goa rightfully named the Vegas of India, a cultural explosion of activities that fit both the party animal and the happy go lucky parts of you. Free download rummy game and enjoy yourself at the iconic Fort Aguada where the iconic fish eating scene took place from the bollywood blockbuster Dil Chahta Hai.

  5. Kasol - Stretched across the Parvati River find yourself in an abundance of forest cover all around you. Famous for the laid back vibe the place exuberates and obviously manali trance music and party scenes are something people travel all over the world to be a part of and what better place to free download rummy game and sit back and relax.

  6. Kutch - A seasonal island amidst all the natural marvels that take place around it during the various seasons makes it a place to visit once every season just to see these marvels happen. Play rummy download game to keep yourself occupied when you're free while munching on your meals.

  7. Leh-Ladakh - Fall in love with this trekkers paradise and scenic masterpiece. Free download rummy game and play on your travels to and from Leh as it's not the easiest place to reach but when you do it's all worth it and relive the famous scenes from so many movies that have been shot at this serene place at altitudes we only read about in books.

  8. Mahabaleshwar - A summer capital under the British rule and for obvious reasons as well, a really long route to reach the place so free download rummy game and keep yourself occupied enroute Pratapgad Fort or the beautiful valley of followers.

  9. Ziro - Mystical in its appearance and mystical in every aspect as well, a jaw dropping cover of flora and fauna amidst all the mountains make Ziro a must visit by everyone once at least.

Play rummy, download game and make the most of a very authentic and eye catching experience.

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