How to choose the right internet speed for your home

Posted by Jane Smith on November 13th, 2019

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With the technology floor, today we have several options of plans and internet speed options. Check here the most common types, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Also, find out how to do a speed test - Speed ​​Test - to manage the incoming data at your home.

That way you are able to see if they match the plan you have contracted with the carrier.

Before starting this blog, I would like to recommend you all to use Du Home Internet offers as it is the fastest internet connection currently available in UAE.

• Broadband Internet:
Let's talk a lot about Broadband, as it is currently the best option when it comes to cost vs. benefit.

Most carriers require that in order to have this type of Internet you must also subscribe to a landline or even a cable TV plan. This is because the band signal is transmitted through these cables (TV or Telephone).

With broadband internet, you can surf safely and have access to the most diverse content available on the network.

There is also the possibility of hiring an internet provider, for those looking for greater benefits, such as exclusive access, for example.

This is thus one of the most used internets in the country, both in homes and businesses and businesses.

Negative points:
This type of internet has no serious negative points to be taken into consideration.

Some online services, such as YouTube and Netflix, require more data than very basic plans. So if you have one of these platforms, be aware of the internet speed required to use them.

So, to make your life easier, My Connection created the Internet Service Provider Ranking. With it you can easily see which are the fastest providers in your city and region, allowing you to choose from the best options.

Enter the Speed ​​Rank, select your city and see which providers are best for you to hire.
Watch out for broadband internet speed
We can say that the main drawback of broadband internet is not in itself, but operators. They often deliver less than the contracted amount of data.

To keep an eye on, simply go to the MyConnection website and take the Speed ​​Test. Here you discover the true quality of your broadband.

Test MyConnect several times a day, and if you find yourself being scammed, save the PDF report and contact your carrier to claim your rights.
• Internet via radio
Radio internet is usually the second option for those who have not got a good broadband plan.

Radio quality depends on many factors, such as:

the distance between your home and the signal transmission point,
cabling conditions, interference between your antenna and the provider
and of course the competence of the company's employees.
Negative points
When service providers are not good professionals, or if there is any interference between the antennas, the internet signal is completely compromised. This ends up directly affecting the quality of service.

In this case, the tip here is to check if the service and service are of quality before hiring this type of internet.

• Mobile Internet (3G)
This is another option generally sought by those who have not been able to access broadband, or for those who need greater access mobility.

The service usually works through a modem connection via USB, which can be used on notebooks, tablets or even desktop computers.

Negative points:
Although it is an option for those who need to get around frequently, the 3G Internet in the country is not well-liked by users in many locations.

At the same time, the rates are considerably high. In most cases, this type of internet also has access limit, which makes it impossible to access streaming video programs, for example.

Compare the quality of 3G operators in your city and region before hiring by accessing the MyConnection Ranking.

• 4G Internet
The 4G internet is the enhanced version of 3G and promises to solve its problems by offering higher quality mobile connection.

Negative points:
With the exception of the Southeast, it is not yet possible to find 4G in good condition, as it is somewhat recent technology.

Therefore, before hiring, compare the quality of 4G operators in your city and region by accessing the My Connection Ranking.

Take the My Connection Speed ​​test and administer your internet
As we mentioned earlier, keeping an eye on the quality of your contracted package is critical not to be fooled by the carriers. This is because they usually deliver slower internet speeds than contracted.

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