Three misconceptions of pu-erh tea storage

Posted by naturalpuerh on November 14th, 2019

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How to save Pu-erh tea, I believe this is a problem that makes many tea friends feel headaches. A little careless, tea has been painstakingly scoured, if you accidentally get wet, moldy, or scent, no fragrance, think about it.
▲ Pu-erh tea
How can Pu-erh tea be preserved? Mr. Lu Wenfeng, the national senior tea assessor, the flagship store “Pu-erh collector” and the vice president of the World Tea Culture Exchange Association, took stock of the following three “minefields”. Come and see if you “stepped on the thunder”?
Mr. Lu Wenfeng focused on Pu-erh tea for 20 years. Over the years, he has collected hundreds of years of Song, 1952 red seal, 88 green cake and other treasures of old tea. It has been reported by many media such as Xinhuanet and Fenghuang. It is a veritable “Pu’s collector”. "!

First, Pu-erh cooked tea and raw tea mixed together.
Many tea friends often put the raw tea and cooked tea together, and they don't care about it. It doesn't matter, it's a big mistake!
The adsorption of Pu-erh tea is very strong, and the aroma of Pu-erh tea and cooked tea are different. When the two are mixed together, the aroma will cross-adsorb, and cover or change each other, it is difficult to preserve the pure aroma of the tea itself.
▲ Pu-erh tea
In addition, the microbial communities in Pu-erh tea and cooked tea are also different. The two types of tea are too close together, and the microbes in the tea will cross each other. This will affect the taste of the tea, reduce the value of the drink and the value of the collection!

Second, the air conditioner is blowing against Pu-erh tea.
Can I turn on the air conditioner when I save Pu-erh tea? This problem depends mainly on where your air conditioner is set in the room and cannot be generalized.
However, if the air outlet of the air conditioner is directly facing the tea cake, the tea cake will be frozen and warmed up (after turning off the air conditioner), then frozen and warmed up.
This will cause the tea cake to have a large temperature difference in a short period of time. Over time, it will easily affect the aroma, and taste of Pu-erh tea.
▲ Pu-erh tea storage in refrigerator:
Third, put Pu-erh tea in the refrigerator to save
Some friends who used to drink Tieguanyin or green tea immediately went to drink Pu-erh tea. He would still store Pu-erh tea according to the method of storing Tieguanyin or green tea. For example, Put Pu-erh tea in the refrigerator.
In fact, this is not necessary!
The post-fermentation process of Pu-erh tea is actually an "oxidation" process, which requires the participation of oxygen, which can accelerate the oxidation of tea, and the better the more Chen, the more fragrant.
Pu-erh tea:
The activity of tea polyphenol oxidase is in the range of 20-40 ° C, and it increases with the increase of temperature. Above or below this temperature, the enzyme activity is weakened. It is best to control the water content of Pu-erh tea to 8%-10%, and the storage temperature is controlled between 20 °C and 30 °C.
The above is the three minefields where tea is stored. It is recommended that tea lovers pay close attention to the changes in tea aroma and appearance when storing Pu-erh tea, and make timely records. Save tea in science, drink tea reasonably, and have tea in life is more exciting!

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