Madden 20: Ultimate Team offers limited House Rules mode

Posted by Cadencealida on November 14th, 2019

Madden Ultimate Team: The House Rules adopt a new time-limited model. On November 17th, before 10:30 am EST, you can play the House Rules in a "face-to-face" game, and each win is counted as a reward. The ultimate reward is tempting and certainly not easy to obtain. If necessary, you can Buy Madden 20 Coins to upgrade your team and help you get rewards. EA also announced two parts of the House Rules. The first part can now be used for 72 hours, then the second part will end in a week.

Part one – Rumble: Loss of Down

In the first part, your goal is to get started. However, this is the embodiment of the house rules. You will start with the first and the 20th, and only three will try to make the first drop. The first failure will reward you with two points. However, if you intercept, you will automatically suffer losses. Each team has a chance to win first place, and unless there is an interception, this will continue until there is a winner. The game starts in the fourth quarter, so if both teams can't stop on the defensive end, you have to consider how much time to leave.

Part two – overtime?

When EA announced the first part, they teased the next set of internal rules and said: OT is a bit distorted? "What does that mean? Does this mean that you use the rules of college football off-court competition? This means that you start from the opponent's 25-yard line and take turns to score until there is a winner. Does this mean you can only score a touchdown? And the score is not counted? Or can you only convert two points? No matter what the rules are, we all know that the game will bring some differences.


This is related to the income of each player.. The ultimate reward for the House Code is the random release of the Series Redux card, but if you want to achieve this, you must start right away. You will receive a series of 3 trophies and coins with different bonuses until the final reward. The winning of both events will be counted in your reward. You will also receive 350 coins, each win and 100 coins, each time a reward is lost. For better rewards, GameMS can help you effectively. A cheap MUT 20 Coins can help you quickly improve your team's strength and make it easy for you to get the final reward.

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