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Benefits of Digital Microscope

Posted by smartschoolsystems on November 13th, 2019

Welcome the Digital Age through a digital microscope! With its eight benefits to be enjoyed, all other microscope will look small in comparison, pun intended. School microscope

Depth Composition and 3D Display

In addition to depth of field, you are also provided with sharper images of targets. This allows for 3D projections that represent the target conditions at the minutest detail, which is not often possible with an optical microscope limited to 2D images. Think of the detailed studies possible of the subtleties of the target!

Integrated Illumination

With optical microscopes, the separate illumination makes for a more complicated setup and lesser precision in reproducing the same image. Keep in mind that a small change in illumination makes for a substantial change in the image seen through the microscope. elementary school microscopes

Not so with the digital microscope! Its integrated illumination means that preliminary setup procedures are virtually eliminated. Plus, you can reproduce the same image over and over again precisely because the illumination basically remains the same.

Finer Depth of Field

Of course, optical microscopes can provide magnifications of 1000 times. However, the depth of field suffers in comparison to a digital microscope by at least 20 times! If you want finer details of the target, you just need to adjust the focus and voila! You have a clearer and deeper picture of the target. 

No Target Disassembly Required

To make setup easier, you don't have to disassemble - cut up, chop down, process - the target since it can be studied as is, thanks to the portable lens of the microscope. Basically, it's a point-and-magnify process where you just point the lens towards the target and then magnify it according to your needs. iPad microscope

Zoom Lens Feature

Unlike an optical microscope with its knobs to increase magnification, a digital microscope has a zoom lens feature that allows for quick and easy magnification. You don't have to lose sight of the target while searching for the optimal magnification at which you can study it in detail.

Easy Share in Real Time

In an optical microscope, everybody has to take turns peering at the eyepiece just to get a similar view of the target, which is time-consuming, to say the least. With the digital type, the image of the target can be projected on a bigger screen and, hence, many people can see the same image at once. This is a great tool in a class setting.

Easy Save

Unlike an optical microscope where the process of saving the images can be complex - from microscope to media to computer - its digital counterpart allows for direct saving on its onboard hard disk drive. And the best thing is that you can organize the images directly on the microscope. Digital microscope for iPad

All-Angle Study

There are times when you simply must view the target at all angles without losing focus. In digital equipment like the microscope, this is made possible through the 360-degree rotational capabilities of the digital microscope's camera. Other features like the multi-viewer system and the origin check function, if it's available, also provide for said versatility.

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