How 3D Photorealistic Rendering is changing the Face of Digital Furniture Catal

Posted by simonepellez on November 13th, 2019

The furniture industry, today, holds a million-dollar prospect by its side as the number of digital furniture shops spread like wildfire. In this ocean swarming with competitors, as a standalone furniture brand, you’d need to make an impact on both the customers and the audiences to stay relevant. If this is not the right time to bust out you’re A-game, there might not be a better opportunity waiting for you shortly. That being said, we’d like to introduce you to a rather revolutionary concept; a concept that can not only set you apart from the run-of-the-mill competitors but also create a brand new opportunity for you to market your products in a new light. We are of course talking about 3D furniture rendering services.

 3d furniture rendering services

What is Photorealistic Rendering? 

There is a fairly new innovative concept that has redefined catalog designing, especially for furniture brands. Let us explain- 

Every time you open a furniture website, you’ll probably see their products cataloged in a 2D model, as per the usual. You’ll find multiple angles- the front, back, and side but imaging the furniture in real life may be a little difficult. On the other hand, there’s photorealistic rendering or 3D rendering as we like to call it that makes your digital catalogs come to life. We are talking textured, layered images that resemble real-like pictures allowing viewers to garner a better understanding of the product without physically being near the product. 

How do they make the digitalized products seem life-like?

A combination of realistic shapes paired in with scaled sizing, real-like textures, and the magic of lights. The accurate representation of light in a particular order makes the items look real-like.

But is photorealistic rendering going to be the upcoming trend for digital furniture catalogs? 

Based on its growing popularity, we believe- it’s a firm yes! 

Let us tell you about some of the benefits that are associated with photorealistic rendering- 

  • You don’t need a ready collection for your furniture catalog. You can create your products through photorealistic rendering even when the product is still in the manufacturing phase. 
  • You get the spotlight on you. Customers are always looking for comprehensive information when shopping online. The more your product appeals to them, the better chances you have of bagging a good sale. 
  • 3D furniture rendering services can also help you create an accurate prototype for your production or manufacturing phase. 
  • Cutting costs on ad campaigns, product shoots, and more should be taken into consideration too. Photorealistic rendering can reduce your production or pre-marketing costs by half. 
  • Creating a VR experience for your customers would be easier now that you already have the basic blueprints cut out. 

If you’re currently the proud owner of a spectacular furniture brand, you must have figured out how simply going digital is not enough. You need to put a twist to your E-catalogs by creating stellar 3D visualizations that can wow your audience. However, this is no one-man job, and right now what your furniture brand needs is a modern catalog designer who can turn your flat out images into life-like reality. 



Author Bio: The author is an online blogger and the article talks about using 3D photorealistic rendering for digital furniture cataloging.

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