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Artificial Turf Installation– what are your options in Irvine, CA?

Posted by emicorn on November 14th, 2019

Installation is simple but what models do you want to fit your home ?
The original and leading models can be found: Napoleon, and "Caesar top" registered in the Registrar of Commercial names, developed in modern technology, with the finest raw materials, UV solar radiation, environmentally friendly and human environment, and do not contain heavy metals.

Simply Green provides and installs synthetic grass to the sport industry in the custom options tailored for each type of sport required and includes plots in one-star FIFA and FIFA star 2.
In recent years the garden and terrace have become an integral part of the home décor. The synthetic grass occupies a considerable part in the design of the garden, thanks to its many advantages such as: water saving, comfort, beauty, cleanliness, avoiding pests, domestic animal-friendly and does not require maintenance, and does not require the use of pesticides and pollutants. Artificial grass can be installed anywhere – in the garden of the house, on the terrace, on rooftops, plazas, sports fields, playgrounds,

Artificial Turf Installation – what are the benefits and when it is recommended to install?

If you think that fake grass is an invention of the 21st century that is designed to help us cope with the environmental implications of the water shortage, you have been wrong. The synthetic grass is accompanied by us since the 60 of the 20th century, when it was used as a substitute for natural grass that, in the absence of sunlight enough, could not grow on the American baseball fields.

So, what's a synthetic grass anyway? These are artificial lawns that look just like natural grass. These surfaces are made of very high-density plastic wires, arranged side by side as a rug. Today, all the synthetic lawns in Israel must have a standard character and must be installed by specialists.

Artificial grass is suitable for everyone and everywhere and can be found in many places, ranging from private residential gardens to the largest football fields, and, as well, is not affected by environmental conditions, even the most extreme, and durable in any situation. It is convenient for yeshiva, flexible and repetitive even after prolonged use or heavy weight. Despite the expensive initial investment, the value pays for the long haul and returns in about three years, and from there it is a real monetary savings. 

Types of synthetic grass

There are many types of Fake grass, distinguished from each other in materials, altitudes, texture, color and more. The highest quality models are those made of polyethylene (plastic fibers), resistant to UV radiation. It is advisable to verify with the installers that the anti-radiation material is already in the fibers and not sprayed on them. Polyethylene also meets the environment standards, does not emit toxins to the environment, resistant to any weather and maintains constant vitality.

The first metric we examine in the synthetic grass is the length. Here are three types:

Low Synthetic Grass – grass with a straight and long fiber (up to 20 mm), containing curly fibers arranged in rows, which creates softness and proximity. This grass looks like natural grass and even resembles it in the texture, but on the other hand, it is less durable for frequent use, so the cost is lower and ranges from 19-40 shekels.

Medium Synthetic Grass – a straight fiber grass that reaches the length of up to 40 mm. Its fibers are wavy and soft-textured and delicate. This grass also looks like natural grass, it is resistant to prolonged uses and cost is relatively expensive, between 50-85 NIS per m.

High Synthetic Grass – Rolls Royce of the synthetic lawns. With a straight fiber of up to 60 mm, durable and high quality over time. Its cost is between 65-140 NIS per m.

But the lawn is not the only measure. Another important indicator is the density of fibers – the more dense the grass, the more durable and the more natural it looks. The density is measured in the number of stitches to the M. High density will move between 160-200 stitches and can be measured in weight loss, which should be between 2-3 kg and m. The density is also the one that affects the price of the synthetic grass, and according to which lawns of the same type (short, medium, or long) , Whose cost ranges from dozens of shekels to hundreds of dollars per m.

Artificial Turf Installation Irvine
Beyond beauty, living and vitality of the synthetic grass, it is also endowed with many other benefits that have been made so popular.

  • Has a low maintenance level, compared to the natural grass?
  • Is a heavy use, as in sporting events.
  • Is not a focal point for insects and pests because it is made of synthetic substances only. In this way, we will be able to use pesticides, fertilization or other treatment, and we can be quiet that the grass is safe and safety for any action.
  • Relatively low-capacity, resistant to solar radiation and lasts a lot longer than regular grass (between 15-20 years). It maintains a constant clean and fresh look and does not make it in summer.
  • There is no need for irrigation or pruning, which makes the synthetic lawn an ideal solution for warm areas and a bucket of resources such as the State of Israel. The same is the case of time, resources and expenses, and in addition, an aesthetic, green and economical alternative is accepted.
  • It is not necessary to have great sunlight to grow, so it is used in partially or fully covered stadiums.
  • Recyclable, since the material from which it is made (LDPE), is known as environmentally friendly.
  • Does not mess up and does not perceive odors. Therefore, it will not attract the pets to do their needs or to dig holes in it. It also does not constitute a tumor for ants, fleas or other parasites that can infect you and your pets and are not allergic.

On a variety of advantages, the Artificial grass also has disadvantages: it has a limited amount of life, periodic cleaning requirements, used in oil, and since it is a plastic product, it is also warming up.

Who should you hire for Artificial Turf Installation Irvine?

If you don't have time or patience to take care of the garden, if you move and you want a well-groomed look, if you live in a particularly hot area where the sun is blazing without a uterus above your head, or even if you just feel green in your eyes, a synthetic grass is the solution for you.

Synthetic grass is designed for a wide variety of purposes, each of which has its own needs and uses. For example, on the playground we recommend that you install a strong, dense grass that will be resistant to multiple erosion. In the ornamental corners, however, there is no need to invest in the most expensive and top-quality lawns. As we have said, every purpose and the lawn is dedicated to it.

A number of important rules in the acquisition of fake Grass Los Angeles:

Be sure to take full responsibility for the grass. In addition, when purchasing the deposits, make sure that it has an infrastructure for drainage and that its installation will be made in a light slope so that the drainage process is quicker.

To maintain a clean, green, and well-groomed grass, water must be splashed in the pipe periodically, thereby removing dust and debris from it. You can also use a special broom, a leaf, a vacuum, or a bellows (in this case, pay attention to the urban auxiliary laws and bellows operating hours. Each local authority applies various prohibitions on the use of air-blowers).

And most importantly, enjoy it and take advantage of it well.

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