Benefits Of DID Number Service

Posted by Leewood on November 14th, 2019

The best way of routing or forwarding calls with a virtual number to the existing phone instead of installing multiple phone lines in your office or call center is by getting a DID number, also known as direct inward dialing. Thus, you need not have several physical phone lines to get calls. Just having a DID is enough to get calls on the existing phone. The calls are forwarded to desired extensions with no limitation on the number of calls received. You need to have a single direct inward dialing number to enable the extensions to get the calls routed to them. This service is very helpful for a large office or business. Calls are routed simultaneously with a single DID.

DID service helps in reusing the same telephone line for receiving multiple calls to any number of extensions. It is best suited in offices and places where there are a limited number of phones but a large number of employees. Calls can be routed to a landline number or a smartphone. Usually, DID is used in offices and businesses along with a PBX. Trunk lines are given in the office with the help of a PBX and multiple telephones are attached to it. The calls are sent through the trunk line and diverted to the individual telephones.

Businesses and call centers that are using traditional phones should switch over to a hosted PBX. It gives you more value for the money you spend on the calling cost in your office or company. Telecom providers offer the best PBX plans they host on their premises. It eliminates the need to host a PBX in your own premises or office. The plans of such PBX are suited for businesses of all sizes.

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