Types of Door Handles you can get

Posted by MichealH Alexander on November 14th, 2019

Door handles come in various sizes, shapes, colours and more. They are not just a small product that you decide on the go. The decision is big enough and deserves enough weightage. Especially if the handles are being chosen on a mass scale. This will create a uniformity in your rooms across the organisation or even your house. The Push or Pull door handles are not just any random door handles. They are architectural door handles and this means there was a lot of thought that went behind it.

The designers had this in mind that they wanted to go for designs that put together bits of modern and traditional design. All over Australia, New Zealand you will see our handles making a splash. But now, this can be available all over the world.

So, here are some of the door handles you can go for:

  1.     Entrance Door Handles

These are found even before you enter the given space. This is your first interaction point and hence it matters the most. The impression you give with the handle here will set the tone for the entire home or organisation. The long door handles for front doors add a lot of value to commercial settings like hotels, malls, offices and more. It gives a more sophisticated feeling which adds to the effect of these spaces.

  1.     Anti-Microbial Door Handles

Imagine this. Day in and day out, a million people open the door a million times. Now imagine all the germs and the problems that could be caused by the touch of so many people. The hygiene levels drop down majorly. To solve this problem are the Anti-microbial door handles. Not only are they just designer door handles, but they are also clean and hygienic.

  1.    Custom Door Handles

Even with 1000 plus options there are chances where you would want custom made handles to put across all the rooms in your commercial space or so. In this situation we have a tonne of different things you could change like the size, shape, finishing, idea and more that can decide the door handle you want to get.

The handles created by the team take into consideration the functionality and the aesthetic value of these handles. The team of product designers, architects, manufacturing engineers and such create innovative solutions and door handles and hardware. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your handles done.

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