Embedding best in class security for reliable SMPP services

Posted by shivangi on November 14th, 2019

When it comes to digital communication, security is one of the most important aspects to cater to. To communicate and interact, there are several techniques available in the market. Short message service is one of them. Considering the popularity achieved by SMS communication among other ways, business units across the globe deem to employ this technique to interact with their target audience and potential customers. Owing to the size of operational business units, number of the target audience can greatly range between a few thousand to millions. Here, it is important to consider data security concerns while interacting with a large set of audiences and thus opt for Reliable SMPP service.

Bulk messaging is a business marketing technique that allows business units to send and receive short messages to and from a large number of audience within a jiffy. In other words, as the name indicates, this marketing technique allows the business to interact with end-users in bulk using the potential of messaging service and telecommunication. Business clients, employees, students/parents, potential and existing customer, business acquaintances majorly form different sets of target audiences. To perform communication with such a vast sect of audience business units often prefer SMPP services and protocols. 

SMPP (Short Messaging Peer to Peer) protocol, in general, is an open, industry-standard protocol crafted to provide flexible data communication channel for the transfer of short messages between external messaging entities (or ESMEs), routing entities (also referred as REs) and messaging centres (or SMSEs). In simple words, this protocol employees the power of internet service and telecommunication to send/receive SMS between the business unit and its audience. 

To facilitate secure and reliable SMPP service, SMPP protocol is often backed up by TCP/IP protocol. This protocol enables transmission of data or messages is a safe and reliable manner yet serving quality and time standards. 

Use of TLS enabled SMPP services

Business communication via bulk messaging involves interaction with a variety of audiences that are linked with different telecom operators. Best SMPP providers such as MsgClub.net utilize TLS enabled TCP/IP protocol to facilitate secure communication channel. 

Often used acronym for Transport Layer Security, TLS is a coding mechanism performed at the transport layer of level 7 TCP/IP communication protocol. As the name suggests, this mechanism encrypts data packets or sent/received messages at the transport layer. This encryption is used to secure the channel that connects ESME (or client-side entities) with SMPP servers over TCP/IP layers. 

In the process of reaching from the source port to the destination address, the message moves through various routes/channels. In such situations there is a high possibility that the message being transmitted can be hampered, lost, altered, etc. To avoid such possibilities, TLS mechanism seals the data into a coded envelope before transmission. Once the message reaches the destination port it is decrypted and delivered to the end-user.

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