Why Smoking Marijuana is Not Useful For Yogis

Posted by Medical Marijuana Card San Francisco on November 15th, 2019

California, the most popular state of the United States. It surely has never failed to amuse us. And if you are a cannabis lover, you would feel the same way. California became the first state to legalize medical cannabis in 1996, then in 2016, it legalized recreational cannabis too. And which place is better than San Francisco for enjoying your beloved herb. Whether you are looking for medical cannabis or recreational cannabis, you can easily get both. 420 doctors San Francisco will evaluate your condition and provide you with a medical marijuana card. Which is required if you want to buy medical cannabis.

Or you can just buy recreational cannabis from any recreational store or dispensary. Due to the legalization of recreational marijuana, many people also use it while meditating or doing yoga. Well, yogis are known to love nature. Trees, flowers, animals, basically the environment around them. Cannabis is not behind either when it comes to nature. Yogis love smoking pots or marijuana. There are just too many names for it; cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, etc. And the love is justified too, because of the certain reasons like:

  1. Cannabis helps in calming the mind

  2. It will let the user think with more depth

  3. Some even believe that cannabis can provide siddhis (psychic powers)

But is that it? Are These Reasons Enough?

These points are true to their core, but that’s not the whole story. The true meaning of yoga is to create a medium between your body and mind. Yoga teaches how to connect spirituality to reality. And you can not do that if your thoughts are not in your control, or if you are not able to pay attention to your surroundings. Yes, that’s what marijuana does. So, read along to know why smoking marijuana is not a good idea for yogis.

Veil of Illusion

Ever heard of “Maya”? “Maya” is a term used by yogis, it means a veil of illusion. And this is created because of cannabis. It is believed that cannabis is used to search for the reality of life. And if you are using something other than yoga and meditation for searching that, it means you are missing the point of yoga. It’s about finding the experience within yourself. 

Cannabis Won’t Let You Focus

You need to be focused and aware of yourself and your surroundings while doing yoga. The aim of yoga is to stop your thoughts from drifting away by focusing on the fluctuations. To focus on your thoughts, you need to stop those fluctuations and focus on them one-by-one. And this should come naturally through meditations and yoga. But marijuana will make your thoughts fluctuate even more and you drift away from your aim.

Cannabis Will Mess With Your Nerves

According to Yoga Sutra, siddhi is attained by mantras, herbs, and austerities. Some yoga gurus believe that marijuana can alteration in your nervous system and it should not be included in your yoga. According to them, marijuana should not be a part of herbs that leads to siddhi.

Detachment From The Real World

If you smoke weed, it may lead you not to work to your full ability. While cannabis can surely calm you down and your mind, but overdoing it can make you feel numb. Meditation is done to provide strength to your mind to focus and remain calm in difficult situations. Consuming too much cannabis can reduce your mind’s capability to focus and it will get used to staying in a numb state.

Well, I have nothing against marijuana but if you are doing yoga, it’s better to avoid smoking marijuana. No one can avoid the medical benefits of marijuana but you must know that using it in a recreational way can cause problems if it’s not under control.

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