Features of PTC heating element

Posted by sere on November 15th, 2019

◪ High Definition and Safety. The temperatures of PTC heating element increases when wind velocity is zero. Cause of self-limiting of PTC, temperature increase can restrain involving 100℃-300 ℃。When usage nichrome as heating component, the temperatures will hit 700℃-800℃ and can catch fire readily.

◪ Calorific Value may correct easily. The ptc heater could correct from the dissipation coefficient, for example alter the item look construction, wind speed, air shipping and so forth.

◪ Low demand on stability of electricity distribution. PTC gets the attribute of hyperbola about the volt-ampere feature curve, so it may produce the power essentially stable once the voltage varies. When nichrome can employ as heating element, the heating system is due to the square of voltage. So whenever the power source voltage varies, it's a fantastic impact on the heating capacity.

◪ Calorific value could correct mechanically with the shift of ambient temperatures. Once the ambient temperature rises, the heating capacity of PTC will reduce, and vice versa. This not only conserves electricity, but also keeps breeze temperatures secure.

◪ High performance efficiency; Engineered efficiency could reach 92 percent generally, human structure can reach 99 percent over.

◪ Powerful with non-oxidation and large service life. Constant work off and on 100,000 occasions, the aging speed will greater than 50 percent .Continuous fat burning 1000hours,that the aging speed isn't greater than 10 percent.

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