epson hopes to commercialise organic led displays

Posted by sere on November 15th, 2019

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Epson, a digital imaging solution provider, wants to commercialize the next generation of organic lightLEDs (OLED)

Shown before 2007.

This technology can be used by any device that uses a display device.

It can be anything from a mobile phone to a computer monitor and TV.

Direct lighting for OLED displays

Launching materials, they avoid the need for electricity

The hungry backlight produces bright images.

It is said that the image is better in contrast and resolution compared to the existing display on the market.

OLED can generate high response speed, which is critical for fast viewingmoving images (

For example, an action on the sports field). As the picture-

The viewing angle is 165 degrees, and even if a person is standing next to a visiting journalist in Asia, it is possible to see this photo

Recently, Alastair Bourne, head of communications at Epson, said at Japan\'s Nagano headquarters that the company has just developed the world\'s largest (

40 inch diagonal)full-

Prototype color OLED display.

It is possible that OLED will replace existing technologies, such as plasma and directview LCD (

LCD display).

\"We believe the properties of OLED displays make them ideal for entertainment applications,\" he added . \".

Epson is a leader in inkjet printers and has developed an inkjet process for use in large-scale-size TFT (

Thin Film Transistor)substrates. The full-

The color OLED display prototype was developed using this improved inkjet technology.

Many display manufacturers are now working on OLED.

It is said that the cost of using OLED technology to make displays is lower.

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