Problem analysis of feed pump mechanical seal in operation

Posted by uuuseff on November 15th, 2019

1, the mechanical seal pipe fittings poor quality of welding seriously affect the safety of the pump, pump mechanical seal liquid temperature is designed to alarm 80 ℃, 90 ℃ pump jump. Slight leakage of the system causes the temperature of the mechanical seal liquid to rise slowly (due to the reduction of the mechanical seal liquid through the heat exchanger or the lack of good cooling of the mechanical seal liquid) Rise. These are the mechanical seal moving ring and the static ring and the paste and the surface can not be very good cooling, the static and dynamic ring overheating and damage. Occurred several times in operation due to leakage of mechanical seals lead to the pump trip, but also increased the mechanical seal wear. Therefore, the quality of mechanical seal pipe system welding put forward higher requirements. 2, water quality on the mechanical seal device. Due to the high requirements of the mechanical seal device on the water quality, when the water quality is deteriorated, due to the mechanical circulation of the mechanical seal device is relatively small, the mechanical seal device is easily clogged causing the mechanical seal liquid temperature to rise; when the feed water pump is operating at a low speed , When the water quality deteriorates, due to the reverse spiral groove to enhance the pressure is low, so that impurities can not be taken away in time by water, resulting in impurities deposited on the mechanical seal and the surface Department, scratches the mechanical seal ring static and static ring so that machinery Sealed leaks. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the supervision of the unit's start-stop and normal operation of the water quality. 3, the operation of the mechanical seal on the impact. 3.1 When the unit is in the regular load adjustment, the pump is in variable working condition or feed pump often in the start-stop state, resulting in an instantaneous feed pump shaft movement, the feed pump static and static ring between the surface and the gap between the paste Small, not enough to form a flow film, resulting in static and dynamic friction ring, the mechanical seal damage. The pump has appeared due to the balance of the pump itself destroyed, the thrust bearing wear, resulting in mechanical seal leakage. Therefore, in operation to minimize the drastic adjustment of the pump group. Prevent mechanical seal damage. 3.2 When the feed pump is in normal standby condition, the pump is still at this time. Because the pump must be put into standby heating pump device, then put the mechanical seal cooling water, but because the pump is not rotating, so the mechanical seal water can not flow, so the mechanical seal graphite ring (static Ring) is at a high temperature above 100 ° C, and when the backup pump is turned on immediately with a load, water above 100 ° C suddenly flows through the cooler to become backwater above 30 ° C flowing through the graphite ring of the mechanical seal The graphite ring is chilled and cracked, causing the mechanical seal to leak. Therefore, when the pump group can be a normal standby can be added a small circulating pump so that the mechanical seal water flow, to avoid the occurrence of the phenomenon.

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