2CY series gear pump scope of application

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2CY Series Gear Pump Scope of application: Suitable for conveying non-solid particles and fibers, non-corrosive, the temperature is not higher than 200 ℃, the viscosity of 5-1500cst lubricating oil or other properties of similar lubricating oil and other liquids, and applies to Hydraulic transmission system. 2CY series gear pump purposes: In the oil transfer system can be used as transmission, booster pump. In the fuel system can be used as delivery, pressurization, injection fuel pump. In the hydraulic transmission system can be used as a hydraulic pump to provide hydraulic power. In all industrial areas, can be used for lubricating oil pump. 2CY series gear pump structural features: 2CY series gear pump mainly consists of gear, shaft, pump body, pump cover, bearing sleeve, shaft seal and other components. Gear and shaft are subject to strict heat treatment, high hardness and wear resistance, together with the shaft installed in the sleeve. All moving parts in the pump are lubricated with the medium they supply. Gear pump four bearing sleeve float installed in the pump body, with the work of pressure automatically adjust the size of the end interval, so the pump pressure stability, the output flow pulsation, volumetric efficiency.

The Lever Hoist can be widely used for equipment installation, lifting and tightening goods, dragging loads in factories, mines, construction sites, power plants, boat manufacturing etc. It is an ideal device especially in narrow space, open air and over-head places for pulling and stretching at angle.
Tough framing
Compact, light yet durable,Double-pawl brake designed for safety and reliability, Idling mechanism to allow fast adjustment of load chain
When the free knob is turned anticlockwise and pulled out under the condition that the selector lever is set to [N" position, brake is released, and then the chain length can be adjusted easily and quickly. After adjusting the chain, the free knob must be set to the initial position by turning it clockwise.
Certificate: GS, CE, ISO9001
Dimension: 0.5t-20t, 0.75t-6t

Lever Hoist

Chain Lever Hoist,Lever Block Hoist,Manual Lever Hoist,Lever Hoists

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