NYP series internal mesh high viscosity pump advantages

Posted by uuuseff on November 15th, 2019

NYP series of high-viscosity pump is the use of the United States Viavientiane high-viscosity pump technology, based on the original process improvement, design and production for the domestic high-viscosity media industry specializing in the production of high viscosity pump, the high viscosity pump can be widely used All kinds of non-hard particles of high viscosity, high consistency, easy crystallization of pressurized conveying conditions; As the high-viscosity pump internal gear gap can be removed without pump under the circumstances of the medium viscosity of the field of flexible regulation, so this High-viscosity pump can also be applied to a variety of low-viscosity media delivery. NYP high viscosity pump series can also be equipped with a thermal insulation jacket device, which can be used when the viscosity is too high or easy to crystallize the media using thermal oil or steam insulation, in order to achieve good transport results. At the same time can choose a variety of corrosion-resistant materials to meet the needs of a variety of corrosive occasions. The inner ring high viscosity pump is specially used for conveying the high viscosity and high concentration of polymerization medium and similar lubricating medium. The high viscosity pump is equipped with heat preservation jacket. It can also be used for conveying high viscosity medium which crystallizes or hardens at room temperature. Large flow, no pulse, high efficiency, long life and other characteristics. NYP series of internal high viscosity pump Product Overview: NYP series internal mesh high viscosity pump Application: Applicable medium temperature: -10 ℃ - 150 ℃; Applicable medium viscosity: 1.0cst - 300,000cst. NYP series of internal high viscosity pump structure: suitable for petroleum, chemical, paint, grease, medicine, dyes, food and other industries. NYP series internal mesh high viscosity pump product advantages: (1) NYP type internal meshing high viscosity pump has internal and external rotor, shaft, pump body, pump cover, bracket, seal, bearing and so on. (2) delivery of liquid smooth, pulsation, vibration, low noise. High viscosity pump speed and flow as a linear function, may be appropriate to change the speed to change the pump flow. Especially suitable for high viscosity media delivery. Shaft end with mechanical seal. In general, the heavier the pump gear pump casing, the higher temperature resistance, compressive strength. Pump material commonly used ductile iron, cast aluminum alloy can also be cast using hard cast, or extruded aluminum alloy profiles manufacturing. When the medium is corrosive, high-cost stainless steel can be used. Foreign high viscosity gear pump to use more nickel, chromium alloy steel as the pump casing material, this material in the strength, reliability and cost of the overall performance is better. In order to solve the trapped oil phenomenon of the gear pump, a symmetrical unloading groove is usually provided on the pump cover, or an asymmetric unloading groove is opened to the low pressure side, a taper unloading groove is adopted on the suction side, and a rectangular unloading Depth of the groove, unloading groove than the hydraulic pump used in industrial gear deeper. Due to the high viscosity of the medium fed by the high viscosity pump, the medium must be heated or insulated in order to reduce the flow resistance and increase the suction capacity of the pump. Heating elements are usually used to make viscous liquid heat evenly. If the temperature fluctuations, the delivery of high-viscosity liquid prone to degradation, it is recommended to use fluid heating, especially large displacement gear pump. Fluid heating is divided into built-in, external structure. The so-called built-in gear pump pump body or cover the internal design of the sudden heat jacket, the external is through the screw clamp jacket and pump body together. Into the jacket into the steam, HTF, or cooling water, according to the specific circumstances of the media. Built-in for the delivery of liquid temperature uniformity is higher, or require uniform cooling of high temperature liquid occasions. When the lack of electrical heating or security requirements of the temperature control is not high, the external structure can be used. American VIKING company's internal gear pump, pump head part of the jacket can be transported fluid temperature control, either in high temperature or low temperature environment, can be equipped with an external jacket. Fluid velocity, rapid changes in flow and pressure, rupture of bubbles, and alternating loads are common causes of noise in fluid delivery systems. Gear pumps that deliver high viscosity liquids are the main source of system noise. The maximum permissible noise of a high-viscosity pump operating in open air should be less than 90 dB or the source of noise should be actively or passively curtailed while reducing the direct worker exposure to noise-intensive operating hours. If you really can not control the noise, but also to take hearing protection. High-viscosity gear pump in the course of operation once the abnormal noise, it should immediately stop checking. Reasonable determination of gear pump speed, gear and shaft rotation to avoid meshing resonance frequency, to prevent increased noise. Because when the meshing frequency close to the natural frequency of the gear train prone to resonance. The use of appropriate vibration isolation technology can prevent the transmission of vibration to the adjacent structure. For this purpose, the gear pump and the drive motor should be connected by a flexible coupling and be mounted on the same base plate to ensure coaxiality. The base plate is mounted on the elastic support to further improve the vibration isolation effect. In the gear pump outlet pipe set up an expansion of the cavity or accumulator to absorb the pump pressure pulsation or buffer pipe sudden pressure change is an effective means to control high viscosity gear pump noise. High viscosity pump before starting operation, to the gear pump filled with liquid to be transported within the housing, for safe start. If the ambient temperature is below the freezing point, preheat the pump with heat steam beforehand and then start the gear pump. The direction of rotation of high-viscosity pump with inlet and outlet port line. If the first gear pump operation, or long-term idle after use, it is best to run at no-load or light load first about an hour. If abnormal temperature rise, leakage, vibration and noise are detected in advance during running-in, the machine should be shut down for inspection. High-viscosity gear pump bearings or flanges and its drive motor should be installed on a common basis, foundation, flange or bearings are required to have sufficient rigidity to reduce vibration and noise generated when the gear pump operation. Motor and gear pump shall be connected with flexible coupling, concentricity less than 0.1 mm, the angle of inclination shall not be greater than 1 degree. Do not use hammer hammer when installing the coupling, so as to avoid damage to gear pump gear and other parts. If the pulley, sprocket and other drive support bracket should be set to prevent the driving gear bearing radial force. Tighten the gear pump, motor ground screw, the screw force should be uniform, reliable connection. Turn the coupling by hand, should feel the gear pump can easily rotate, there is no clamping and other anomalies, and then can be piping. High-viscosity gear pump suction pipe diameter should be large enough and to avoid narrow passage or sharp turn, reduce elbows, remove unnecessary valves, accessories, as far as possible to reduce the pump installation height, shorten the length of the suction pipe to reduce the pressure loss. Pipe joints and other components of the seal should be good to prevent air intrusion, thereby controlling the occurrence of cavitation and cavitation. Check Valve and Safety Valve It is advisable to install a check valve on the output line of the gear pump. In this way, when repairing the pump and the output pipe, the liquid in the system will not flow backwards. Gear pump with a load of parking, but also prevent the pump reversing and produce a partial vacuum in its output pipe. It should be noted that the outlet check valve can not be installed anti-jamming phenomenon or appear. High viscosity gear pump outlet pipe should also be set safety valves and other protective devices, so once the pump outlet channel blockage, you can open the relief valve relief. The safety valve can be cast in one piece with the pump body or pump head and can also be assembled separately. For the need for positive and negative high viscosity gear pump, the import and export pipelines are required to set the safety valve.

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