What Is Beard Oil And What Is Its Purpose?

Posted by KBV Research on November 15th, 2019

Beard oil was introduced with two key purposes. One is more of a surface-functioning cosmetic product, and the other is more basic and skin care-focused. Beard oil is the commodity you've never realized that you need. And of course, beard oil would be completely superfluous to your needs if you grow your facial hair. Nevertheless, the healing properties of good beard oil are important for the hair.

What is beard oil?

Beard oil is used to protect both your beard and hair, whether you're in an urban environment, in a more unpolluted rural setting, or soaring through the air. Beard oil is just that formulated oil, which is designed to be applied to your beard. It is lighter and easier to absorb than sunflower oil. Often, beard oil is scented, leaving beard smelling good throughout the day.

Individual oils ' specific attributes can vary from UV-protective properties, preventing bacterial growth and having an extra softening effect to increasing beard growth, etc. These attributes ensure that companies have a product for each beard type-because there are no two beards that are the same.

The two types of beard oils:

  • Skin Care

What you should be looking for is the second type of beard oil. You want to have beard oil which contains natural oils that effectively nourishes, cures, and hydrates the skin and beard. They need to be healthy and constantly hydrated in order for your beard follicles to work to their full capacity. If not, your brain will begin to send signals to the follicles to stop hair from growing. It won't be possible for cosmetic beard oils to fix that at all.

  • Cosmetic

The cosmetic beard oil is the first form of beard oil. Such oils typically contain ingredients that are cheaper and usually contain silicone. These are the low-cost oils that you find all over the web, which, because of their price, seem very attractive. The reason they cost fairly low is because of the ingredients they use. Generally, they will contain cheaper oils, sometimes synthetic ones, and, worst of all, silicone. They are cosmetic in the sense that, usually by weighing the beard down, they will help with styling it.  For any kind of beard, silicone is terrible because it will block your pores, which can lead to zits, incubated hair, irritation, etc.

What are the benefits of using beard oil?

  1. It moisturizes hair follicles and the skin underneath

No one wants a beard that looks dry and flaky. It makes the hair on your face look very unpleasant. Beard oil has been designed to hydrate your facial hair and prevent fragility. Beardruff (beard dandruff) grows on your chin just like scalp dandruff if you don't supply it with the nutrients you need. Well-groomed beards will look healthier and more controlled. You can keep these annoying irritations, flakes, and beardruff in the bay by using good beard oil.

  1. It can be used to replace aftershave

The essential oils in beard oil not only remove flakes and beardruff, but also make a nice smell of your facial hair. A variety of different fragrances, like aftershaves, are present. For example, The Bearded Gent has one of the most prominent scents on the market, Vanilla & Mango Beard Oil. If you wish to raise the bar and smell fresh on your beard grooming, this is the oil you need. There are also scents such as sweet orange, fresh mint, chocolate orange, coconut and more.

  1. It eliminates tangles and split ends

It's not easy for most people to grow long beard. You may have to tackle tangles and split ends to make your beard look groomed. It can be hard to brush a messy beard, but beard oil can be the solution to that. This oil has also been shown to repair scraggly and straw-like beards, so if you want to avoid these unattractive tangles or split ends, you may need to periodically apply this oil. The ingredients used in this oil will make your mane simple to manage, softening any unruly beard hair.

To sum up

Beards have become quite a trend lately and is a part of the growing category of the male grooming market. This is where latest beard products like beard oils come in. They bridge an interesting bridge between hair care and skin care regimens, offering a multi-step system that keeps the beard hair in good appearance.

For starters, the new beard oils draw not only from the familiarity of men with pre-shave oils popularized by brands, but also from the new generation of facial and hair oils which bring a complex fragrance and conditioning and anti-aging properties. Beard oil is your first and foremost investment in beard care on grooming and growth frontlines.  If you've just started growing a beard, you can overcome itchy beards, dry skin, and grow luscious and thick locks.

Because organic beard oil is filled with a mixture of carriers and essential oils, the beard can become impressive. The face is nourished with the correct amount of sebum oil by using organic beard oil to help calm the beard itch and super-hydrate the skin and hair. Not only does organic beard oil work below the surface, but it also looks after the hair. Organic beard oil contains hydrating substances that help keep a thick, smooth and clean beard.

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