How to See the Statue of David in Florence

Posted by Aakash35 on November 15th, 2019

Accademia Gallery hours

Accademia Gallery opens at 8.15 am in the morning to 6.15 pm in the morning every day except monday. The  museum is closed on mondays. Tourists can not enter the museum complex after 6.50 pm because all the ticket counters closes at 6.50 pm. 

All the state museums of Florence along with Accademia Gallery has a free entry on the first Sunday of  every month. So if you want to visit this iconic statue of David in free of cost, then visit Accademia Gallery on the first Sunday of the month. 

Statue of David Facts

One question may come to mind of every person, who have not visited this massive Michelangelo's  David yet is that how this statue got so much of fame. 

The statue depicts the character of David who was the victor of Goliath battle. The statue depicts the scene right before the end of the battle when David slaughters Goliath. 

The statue also got fame because of the grave detailed that Michelangelo dedicated in making it. The whole statue is built from a single block of carrara marble. 

Other interesting Facts

There are three Statue of David in Florence. 

Yes, it is right. Except one in Accademia Gallery museum the two other statues are in Piazza della Signoria and atop Piazzale Michelangelo.

Infamous right hand

The right of of the statue of David is larger than the left. People believed that this is because it refers to the  nickname of David - Manu fortis means strong of hand.

Relationship with the Medici Family

The Medici Family and Michelangelo shared a strong bond of relationship.   Michelangelo commissioned the Medici Family for his famous artworks which includes the iconic David Statue masterpieces, Moses, and the Sistine Chapel.

Even an earthquake can't defeat him 

In the past years, the statue of David suffered several earthquakes and got cracks and fractures in its ankles and shins. To protect this massive statue from the earthquake, anti-seismic platform is provided to it. 

He’s missing a toe 

The toe of the left foot of the statue of David was broken by the Italian artist Piero Cannata. He used to sneak  a hammer in the accademia gallery museum. 

However to see the statue of David you don't need a guided tour. But the lines may be long and the museum doesn't provide enough information about the statue. So I would suggest you to go for a guided tour if you want to fully appreciate the artwork of Michelangelo.

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