3d printing may be future of delicate spine surgeries ...

Posted by sere on November 15th, 2019

New Delhi: is 3D printing a model for future complex orthopedics, spine and reconstruction operations?

Doctors from All India Medical Research Institute (AIIMS)believe it is.

They have set up a 3D printing facility in the hospital and said it can significantly reduce complications in addition to helping difficult cases.

Using 3D software and printers, surgeons can hide CT scans of damaged bones into physical models.

This can be of great help to doctors as even a small mistake or misjudgment in spinal surgery can lead to paralysis or deformity.

Dr. Rajesh Malhotra, professor and head of orthopedics at AIIMS, said: \"We used this technique to perform surgery on four patients with spinal deformity . \".

This includes 18-year-old Mamta. year-

The old girl in Haryana has an arch in her back.

But for the 3D model, we could have done nothing to her.

Unlike traditional surgery, in traditional surgery, most of

Program planning and operation based on CT and MRI reports, in which case the doctor prepared a physical model of 12 spine of the breast spine that had to be realigned to correct the deformity.

Prior to the actual surgery, we planned and rehearsed the screw fixing on the 3D model.

Dr. Bhavuk Garg, assistant professor of orthopedics at the hospital, said patients can now walk directly.

AIIMS doctors believe the technology may be used more and more by surgeons.

We can also use it for complex joint replacement surgery and custom implants

Dr Malhotra said this was designed for the needs of different patients.

Many plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons are also using 3D models to practice actual changes to the patient\'s body parts and explain to the patient what he or she looks like after surgerysurgery.

Dr. Sunil Choudhary, head and director of plastic surgery at Max Healthcare, said that he recently used 3D printing technology to replace the cancerous bone on the patient\'s chin with a sheet from the patient\'s tibia.

Without a 3D model, we would have to imagine a reconstruction plan.

Even a difference of three or 4mm could cause teeth to be out of alignment, he explained.

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