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Why Living Off-Campus is a Better Idea

Posted by davidholmes on November 15th, 2019

Living on campus may seem like a good option if you are just starting college. But, if you take a look at the perks of off-campus housing, you will be convinced that it is a better choice as opposed to on-campus housing. If you wish to know how off-campus housing will benefit you, take a look at factors that shed more light on why it is better:


  1.  You Get to Save Up

When you live on-campus (or in a dorm), you have to pay for pricey meals. You may also have to pay some high fees for campus parking. But when you decide to live off-campus, you get to bring your own groceries and save up by shopping wisely for them. Another advantage that you get with living in off-campus housing is access to transportation lines commuting with which will actually help you save more. Many off-campus housing options let you stay at a walkable distance from campus. Take MV Student Housing for example. It offers a total of 75 apartments located at a walkable distance from Bloomsburg University. These off-campus apartments are well-maintained, modern properties that are located in a safe and desirable neighborhood.

  1.  You Get the Chance to Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

Although following a healthy lifestyle is a choice that you make on a personal level, you should know that living in off-campus housing offers you the chance to enjoy a healthy way of living. This is because you no longer will be eating cafeteria-style food. When you live in an off campus living environment, you have a whole kitchen where you can cook healthy meals. Also, you have your own personal space in where you get to have a sound sleep as compared to on-campus living.

  1.  You Get More Privacy

Who does not love privacy? One of the most important benefits of living in off-campus housing is having your own private space. Also, you get a quiet environment to study and complete your assignments when you live off-campus. This is because the dorm environment can be really distracting sometimes and may not always offer the perfect environment to study.

  1.  You Get Freedom

When you live in off-campus housing, you get to live by your own rules. You will no longer have to follow strict dorm rules. Also, when you decide to live in an off-campus environment, you become a responsible individual as you decide everything for yourself. For instance, you will be deciding one of the most important things – the budget. This will in turn help you learn more about life in your college years itself.

Given the numerous benefits of living in an off-campus environment, going for off-campus housing will be a great choice in your college years. A good example of off-campus housing are the off campus apartments near Bloomsburg University. These apartments come with updated heating systems, bathroom, kitchen, windows, flooring, etc. Offering stunning views of Bloomsburg, these off campus apartments offer the perfect living environment to students with 24/7 maintenance.

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