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Finding your ideal kilt is significant, and not in every case simple. An incredible kilt will last you a lifetime, so you need to ensure you take care of business.

The best news is that you're as of now destined for success. At Scottish Kilt, we pride ourselves on the nature of our kilts and our master kilt style exhortation.

Presently that you're here, what are the subsequent stages? Our bit by bit manage is here to assist you with finding your ideal kilt.


Your initial step is to consider precisely what you're searching for. Do you simply require a kilt, or do you need a full kilt outfit, total with a coat, petticoat, and corresponding extras?

Consider what's as of now sitting in your storeroom and what you need to wear with your kilt. The Braemar and Argyll and are marginally shorter than an ordinary suit coat and are explicitly intended to work with the state of a kilt.

In the event that going to a dark tie occasion, you would consistently wear a Prince Charlie coat and petticoat (instead of a tuxedo coat).

Financial limit

The measure of cash you need to spend on your kilt or kilt outfit is frequently the main factor. Regardless of what your spending limit, we're here to deal with you and ensure you're getting extraordinary esteem for your money.

Custom made kilts are created by experienced, nearby tailors, a considerable lot of them autonomous. This is an incredible choice for those with somewhat more spending plans to spend and who need a customized kilt made to endure forever. Our specially crafted kilts and kilt outfits are offered in a wide scope of plaids and textures, each made by our confided in kilt-creators.

In the interim, our Essentials go offers customary, jazzy plans at reasonable costs. An Essentials 8 yard kilt costs just £60, or make your own outfit with our scope of coats and extras.

Estimated Time (Delivery Time)

Knowing when you need your kilt is an immense factor while picking your kilt outfit. The entirety of our traditions made kilts take four to about a month and a half to be made *depending on material accessibility, bundled up and conveyed. On the off chance that your occasion is under three weeks away, and Essentials kilt is the best approach.

On the off chance that you need your kilt conveyed in precisely three to about a month's time, make certain to connect and we will investigate current lead times for you.


Consider where you will wear your kilt. In the event that purchasing for your wedding, you most likely need to put resources into a handcrafted kilt outfit. Head over to our guide on 'What to Wear to a Scottish Wedding' for our top styling tips.

Maybe you need a kilt to wear each day. Both a Kilt Shop uniquely designed kilt or an Essentials kilt can be dressed down for a progressively easygoing look. Look at our guide on 'Easygoing Kilt Wearing' to discover how.


You've discovered your ideal kilt, so include an individual touch with your decision of plaid.

Our specially crafted kilts can be made in 1,000+ plaids - simply head over to our Tartan Directory (Tartan Kilts) to peruse. In case you don't know where to begin, read our guide on 'Picking a Tartan'.

Our Essentials kilts are offered in a scope of well-known plaids - from Black Watch to Hamilton Gray, and our own in-house planned to Persevere Tartans.

Integral ACCESSORIES (Kilt Accessories)

Kilt arranged. Coat and petticoat arranged. Presently, integrate everything with some incredible adornments that address your style.

Utilizing our outfit manufacturer, browse our scope of Scottish Kilt™ uniquely crafted or Essentials extras.

Need a few hints? There's a Scottish Kilt Shop direct for that. Our aides talk you through picking your ideal kilt stick or sporran or head over to our 'How to Wear a Kilt' direct for a breakdown of all the various frill.

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