The New Rage in Citizenship by Investment Conference Programs

Posted by Linda Hudson on November 15th, 2019

Citizenship by investment conference, also termed as Economic Citizenship, has gained grounds in recent years as means of acquiring a second passport. The immigration consultancy business has matured substantially over the years and as a result, new countries are jumping on the bandwagon every day. Countries like Grenada- one of the most promising and best value new entrants is gaining in popularity because of its family-friendly pricing and its weightage on keeping things up-market.

The complete citizenship by investment conference industry has grown up as a short-term manifestation of a longer term fad. A generation ago, having more than one citizenship was rare. But nowadays, even the kids are born with four or five different passports and parents think nothing of it.

For instance, Hungary is one EU country that is giving away thousands of passports, apart from having its own investor immigration program. Even the government of Denmark, which once had strict laws prohibiting dual citizenship, has now promised to pass new laws soon to allow multiple citizenships for the very first time.  It seems that in a couple of generations, there will be little demand for citizenship by investment as everyone will already have multiple citizenships.

Basically, there are various advantages of a second citizenship by investment. Some of the essential aspects include:

  • Freedom of Movement

Second or third citizenship enables you to discover the world. For instance, EU passport holders are allowed to freely travel and live in all EU countries. If you are one of the citizens of Caribbean countries, you can also visit EU countries, Hong Kong, Singapore without a visa and you have an easy procedure for obtaining visa to the USA.

  • Protection of Capital Assets

There are several advantages involved with the taxation system and the risks are eliminated. Another advantage of second citizenship is that the country, granting it to you, does not inform your native country about obtaining a second citizenship.

  • Economic Citizenship: For Second Citizenship

The fastest, but certainly not the cheapest way to getting a second passport is through an economic citizenship programme. These programs often come in the form of an investment scheme where you either invest in real estate or in certain funds, as directed by the local government.

To conclude, citizenship by investment is a big industry and it is accelerating rapidly because owning a second passport through dual citizenship in another country is now a fundamental part of international diversification.

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