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Posted by VirtualTrainingTeam on November 15th, 2019

Educating the upcoming workforce is an important part of any company. Success of the company doesn't depend on how well the employees perform but how well the companies consistently do it over a period of time. Training the novices in an efficient way should be in the minds of the leaders of the company. A new innovation has taken over this age old practice of training. It is virtual training.

What is virtual training? It simply refers to training where the learner and the trainer are not in the same location. It is done through a simulated or virtual environment. Virtual training can be done either live, where the trainer is training the learner in real time or it can be a recorded session which can include interactive learning. Virtual training aims to innovate new ways of teaching while simulating the best aspects of a classroom learning.

There are many reasons why virtual training is being adapted widely. It is cost convenient. The trainers need to be trained once and they can setup online workshops and train as many learners as possible. Training the trainers to make use of the tool and to prepare the best course is very crucial as virtual environments demand slightly different skill set and techniques. The concepts used to train to the trainer can vary from what a conventional teacher knows. Another reason virtual training is taking over the traditional training is because virtual training has made possible to learn things in an on-demand self-paced manner. It has made trainer and learner collaboration independent of other learners. A learner can choose when they want to learn and this independence is a major reason why professionals prefer online courses.

Since a lot companies have trainers who have been training learners in the traditional way, the virtual training can expand their expertise. The virtual training team trains the trainers to understand the virtual training processes. Trainers can improve their classes to make good use of media that can be used in the virtual training. Trainers must be trained to make the classes as interactive as possible. Trainers need to be trained on combining media and interactivity to create best possible classes. Trainers who are trained in preparing virtual classes use these new tools to explain concepts better. Trainers can make the classes and concepts more interesting by using animations and illustrations. The media also lets learners download certain images and videos. They can refer back to this whenever they want. Training the trainers to design their classes to make the best use of all the above techniques will provide a rewarding experience for learners.

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