Madden 20: How to deal with Midfield Pack

Posted by Cadencealida on November 16th, 2019

In the third season of Madden 20, joined the new Sherriff to join Superstar KO mode, all of which is moving in a positive direction. Countless players struggled in the world of Madden and tried to form their dream lineup. This is also the motivation of the game.

For most Madden players, there has always been a problem that bothers them, that is, about Midfield Pack, should you open it yourself or sell it, all who want to know if they should sell the midfielder or keep their players? Choose a Midfield Pack or quickly sell Madden 20. If you choose to sell them, you will receive a reward of 9,000 coins, depending on the midfield packaging you receive. From the feedback of many people on Reddit, selling Midfield Pack to get MUT 20 Coins seems to be a safer option, because it is like a gamble, and the probability of winning is very low.

Of course, some players feedback to open the Midfield Pack and earn 150,000 coins. If they sell them, they doubled, but don’t be easily tempted by these data. Frankly, this is just the lucky ones. Because the probability is very small, for most players, they choose to sell the TD package and open the Midfield Pack, while others have failed too many times and have been disappointed with the Midfield Pack, they usually go straight Selling.

no matter what you do, it's your choice. You can earn more coins, better cards, or nothing. That's EA's famous gambling style, so don't be surprised if you don't do well. However, if you are a player who is Buy Madden Coins, these Midfield Pack are still very worthwhile for you to open because you are not missing MUT coins. So the better card that the Midfield Pack can provide will make more sense to you, and it will make your game more interesting.

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