What is the best way of reaching League of Legends Level 30?

Posted by AussyELO on November 16th, 2019

The quickest way of reaching League of Legends Level 30 is to get League of Legends smurf account from their store. League of Legends is a competitive game that is fun and entertaining to play. The game is ideal to play with friends and becomes enjoyable when you reach level 30.

To reach level 30 is not easy it requires 21 400 XP to get level 30 in League of Legends. A 30-minute win on an average will earn about 204 XP and if you run a loss for 30 minutes you will earn about 167 XP and you will need a lot of games of reach level 30.

What is Level 30 in League of Legends?

For new players level, 30 in League of Legends is the primary goal. Once you reach level 30 you get a lot of benefits like the entrance to play ranked games and the summoner spells. In normal case trying to reach level 30 can be annoying and slow. If you are trying to level up the smurf account for the first time you should go slowly to learn more about the game.

But if you are deciding to have many accounts of the league of legends to smurf then it could be boring and slow. If you want to level up fast in League of Legends then you should approach the game differently with a change of priorities.

Join the League and become a Legend

League of Legends can be played singly or jointly with friends. It is a very competitive game of action strategy which is fast-paced. It is designed for those who long for a hard-fought victory. You can test your skills against North America players. You can battle your way up the ranked competitive ladder. You cannot pay to win but it is free to play.

You can earn champions and victory on the battlefield loot. You can crush your enemies while you play and own the rift.

League of Legends Smurf

 In League of Legends smurf accounts are low ranked accounts or low-level accounts that are used by players with a higher level of skills. The terms smurfing and smurf have come from players of Warcraft 2 when two professionals Shlonglor and Warp became great in the game and a selected few wanted to play with them. They got an idea of making new unrecognizable accounts with new names to help them play games with other people once again.

They chose the names ‘Papa Smurf’and‘ Smurfette’ which started the term smurfing. Usually, there are two types of smurf accounts, smurf low level which consists of players that are not highly ranked and are looking for games that are less competitive and fun. The other types of accounts are Elo Smurfs that have high ranked players.

Do you want to join the League of Legends level 30 then visit Aussyelo.com to know all the requirements.

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