Is Artificial grass the Lawn of the Future?

Posted by terryterious92 on November 16th, 2019

Thinking about installing artificial turf in your front yard?

You might be!

Because artificial grass has become a popular choice among homeowners who want to get rid of the burden of maintaining a natural lawn. 

artificial grass in los angeles

What’s the Secret Behind the Popularity of Artificial Grass Installation?

Synthetic grass has improved a lot over the past few years, which is one of the major reasons behind its dramatically increasing popularity.

Apart from this, smart grass is a preferred choice for both residential and artificial use because it’s highly manageable and immensely reduces the cost of garden maintenance.

Want to learn more about artificial turf and what makes it the lawn of the future?

Then read the following benefits of synthetic grass in today’s world:

  1. Doesn’t Need Much Care 
  2. Allows You to Save Water
  3. Is Environmentally Friendly
  4. Lasts Longer than You’d Imagine

 1. Doesn’t Need Much Care

As mentioned above, residential artificial grass is highly manageable and doesn’t require much time and care to stay green throughout the year.

Which means, if you opt for an artificial lawn, you can easily enjoy a week, or even a month out of town, only to come back home to the same, vibrantly green front yard of yours.

Moreover, with an artificial lawn, you’d save a lot of time spent on watering, mowing, and fertilizing your lawn.

Apart from this, synthetic grass isn’t the natural habitat of pests and insects, so no need to treat it with any kind of pesticides, insecticides, or even weed killers.

2. Allows You to Save Water

You know what’s the best thing about opting for residential artificial grass in Los Angeles?

It doesn’t need to be watered at all!

Sounds great, right?

And since numerous countries around the world are facing serious water issues, people have started thinking about ways to save as much water as they can.

All in all, artificial grass is great for drought prone countries, which is one of the reasons why you’d see a lot of lawns with smart grass in Los Angeles.

3. Is Environmentally Friendly

Not every artificial thing is bad for the environment.

Don’t believe us? Read for yourself!

Artificial turf in Los Angeles is good for the environment as compared to its natural alternative.

It saves the air from being polluted by fuel consuming and gas emitting lawn mowers.

In addition to this, fake grass doesn’t need to be treated with harmful chemicals such as pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers, and weed killers, that pose a health threat to your pets and family.

4. Lasts Longer than You’d Imagine

The best artificial grass in Los Angeles is highly durable, which makes it a great investment, as well as the perfect choice for residential and commercial use alike.

Despite the fact that artificial turf doesn’t require much routine maintenance, it easily lasts up to 12-15 years.

While on the other hand, its natural counterpart, if not taken proper care of, needs to be changed every few years or so.

Which means, any landscape could now be made to appear fresh and green all year round, without the additional cost of expensive maintenance and water bills.

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