Electromagnetic pulse valve working environment description

Posted by uuuseff on November 18th, 2019

Electromagnetic pulse valve in use, the previous environmental conditions is very important, which is related to the electromagnetic pulse valve can not be normal and steady operation. Electromagnetic pulse valve is the environmental conditions: 1, according to the type of power supply were selected AC and DC solenoid valve. In general AC power access convenience 2, the use of a corrosive or explosive environment should be selected according to the safety requirements of resistance Corrosion 3, if the environment is limited space, please use multi-function solenoid valve, because it eliminates the need for bypass and three manual valves and easy online maintenance 4, the environment should be the maximum and minimum temperature within the allowable range, if any Ultra-poor for special orders made 5, the electromagnetic pulse valve power conditions often vibrate, bump and impact and other occasions should choose a special breed, such as marine solenoid valve. 6, voltage specifications exhaustive preferred AC220V.DC24V. 7, Power supply voltage fluctuation is usually AC choice +% 10%.-15%, DC allows ±% 10 or so, if over tolerance, to take measures to stabilize the voltage or make special order requirements. Should pay attention to AC starting VA value is higher, the capacity should be preferred indirect indirect solenoid valve. 9, the environment of high relative humidity and rain drops and other occasions, the election should be waterproof solenoid valve.

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