Hand-held pressure pump performance and use (Figure)

Posted by uuuseff on November 18th, 2019

Hand-operated pressure pump is a liquid hand-held pressure pump used to verify the industrial process of field-installed test instruments installed in the control room and the use of various types of pressure gauges, pressure gauges can also create pressure on the school table source. Where 25Mpa within the various types of pressure transmitters, pressure sensors and various types of pressure instruments can be hand pressure pump verification. Hand-operated pressure pump performance and technical indicators: Hand-operated pressure pump for portable, light weight, light pressure suppression. Easy to use. Structural design pressure fine adjustment handle, rotating fine adjustment handle can easily change the output pressure. In addition to high pressure The hose connection is calibrated and the meter connector is connected to the pressure gauge.The hand-held pressure pump can be carried to the field directly to the instrument being calibrated, and the calibration is both quick and easy. Manual pressure pump structure and working principle: Manual pressure pump is a handle, piston rod. Breathable, pump cover, put the oil handle, fine handle, the table connector, etc. Turn the oil drain handle to close the drain valve , Handshaking pressure pump handle, clenched, relaxed repeatedly, thus driving the piston rod reciprocating motion, the reciprocating piston rod several times can produce output pressure 25Mpa. Manual pressure pump to use Note: The pressure pump before use Tighten the gas, filled with the appropriate oil (such as 1/2 transformer oil), and then in the tight gas, repeatedly clenched, relax the handle, out of the cylinder Gas can be used. During calibration, pay attention to all kinds of connections to keep sealed. After calibration, turn the oil drain handle to open the drain valve before disassembling the instrument, otherwise the instrument may be damaged.

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