Accessories Essential For Freemasonry Rites

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Members of Freemason society use certain ornaments and accessories to show their loyalty to the fraternity. These items are required at the time of special rites and other events related to the Brotherhood. For example, the fraternity organizes a convention, its members and knights will attend the event in their full attire. Their clothing accessories may include jewelry, dress suits, and other ornaments of the organization. These items are classified as per the rank and status of the individuals. Some examples of masonic accessories are rings such as gold plated rings, sterling silver rings, stainless steel rings, blue lodge rings, past master rings, eastern star rings, knights templar rings, Scottish rite rings, shriner rings, co-masonic rings, and other fraternal rings. Looking for Masonic accessories? Get the best deal for books on freemasonry from a dealer of masonic supplies.

A brief history of Masonry

The origin of Freemasonry took back sometime during the period known as the Middle Ages. in those days, big industries and businesses were owned by associations of guilds. The members of these associations were rich people such as dukes, bishops and other feudal lords. They came from various backgrounds, including building masons, farmers, cooks, tailors, weavers, miners, fishermen, and people from other labor sectors. Among the members of the guilds, there were a separate group of masons known as Freemasons.

The Freemasons involved in huge projects such as building cathedrals and other officials bungalows. Since the construction of such buildings requires special skills, the guild started recruiting young people. They opened training schools to provide required knowledge of mechanics and geometry of stonemasonry. At the end of their study course, students were selected according to merit. They were put into another level of rigorous training before being recruited as members in the guilds. Many years later, the members of Freemasonry formed a Lodge which is governed by wardens, which is still practiced today.

Symbols of Freemasonry

You might have seen Masonic symbols in films, music, sports commercials, and several other entertainment materials. If you want to learn more about the fraternity, it is a good idea to know their symbols. Some of the most popular symbols are square and compasses; King Solomon’s Temple; All-seeing eye; and Blazing star.

These symbols are excessively used by promoters of Freemasonry in all types of products you used daily. They have separate meanings and represent and reflect the Masonic’s beliefs and traditions.

If you want to own these symbols, buy cheap knights of Columbus rings and Masonic products that bear such symbols. Authorized dealers sell the best quality materials to produce their masonic rings and other jewelry items.

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