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The bra is a strange invention when you think about it.It is believed that bra will put pressure on women to bring unreasonable culture and beauty norms.On the other side of the coin, many women like the female side of these underwear.As a female public, some of us can't wait to run out and buy our first girl bra, while others are completely scared of the idea.Anyway, it's always a good idea to wear a bra with certain clothes and exercise.They protect, hide and support to create a comfort and confidence.

A modern bra, originally called "soutien-"Canyon" was a French invention introduced in the 1900 s.It was born out of a desire to get rid of the bound, stiff bodice.These painful foundations are used to shape the torso and chest, keeping everything in place with rough fabric and whale bones.

In 1914, Phelps Jacobs got the firstS.The patent for the bra, which is a simple design she made with a handkerchief and ribbon.Homemade bras are common before patents and subsequent mass production.

Flat breasts and narrow hips were popular in their 1920 s.The demand for curved bodice has disappeared and is replaced by a lightweight cotton bra that, in most cases, is more than just a corset or camper that is barely supported.The big cracked women desperately search for the coveted fl Fish ten-year-old boy image and tie their breasts tightly to their body in order to fit into a stylish tight dress.

Of the 1930 designersEmbrace the form of women.Silk and Sardin's flowing gown adds a lot to the body of Hollywood's leading lady, leaving little imagination.The chest is back in style.Over the past decade, people have introduced a bra with cups made of new synthetic fabrics.These bras have little character in decoration and are designed to look invisible under the attached fabric.

There are almost as many types of bras as women wearing them.


They are the best choice for you to wear under tight fabric.As the name implies, the seamless bra has no stitched seams on the Cup, providing a smooth look under the knitted fabric.Seamless bra as T-in many cases-shirt bras.


You must need at least one in summer.They are barely stylish and perfect for taking off shoulders or shoulder-less evening dresses.Many shoulder-less bras combine silicone strips on the lining to maintain the position of the bra and thus remain confident.


Looking for extra support for your workout?Thesports bra will keep order as you run, walk, jump, and ride your bike to your bodybuilder.These body-A tight, stretchy bra can reduce back elasticity and use a breathable fabric to keep moisture away from the body.You can find a sports bra like a basic shelf bra, but the manufacturer now produces an active bra that can be separated and lifted for a more flattering look, especially for the size of the chestSay goodbye to uniboob.


When you can have a bra that adapts to many different tops and skirts, why buy a bra for each dress.The convertible bra allows you to disassemble and reconfigure the straps to suit a variety of back, neck and sleeve hole styles.It's like having a bra wardrobe in a wardrobe.


Do you need an elevator and something fuller?Try a push-up bra.They are designed to lift and push the breasts together to enhance your cleavage and give the illusion of a larger cup size.Many push-Brands like Wonderbra include foam or gel plugins that add to the wow factor.


Their push is the exact opposite-up variety.Large-Bankruptcy women who want to downplay assets choose these bras, gently compress and redistribute breasts, giving the illusion of a smaller cup size.In some cases, the smallest bra can reduce your chest size by 1 1/2.


This will give you an ultra-feminine look while still providing moderate support for most chest sizes.Low cut or square collar can be worn.The delicate demi bra is lower than the standard full bra.Women who want to buy bras to tame jiggles may want to avoid this bra style.

As you know, a high quality bra can be a serious financial investment, so it's critical that the right bra is installed.If your bra is too large, you will notice that there are gaps in the cup and loose around the torso, which completely negates the support that the bra should provide.Too small, you will experience general discomfort from tissue and skin spills on the front and back, tight straps and over-tight fit.

Wear the most comfortable padded bra when measuring the size of the bra.Calculate the size of your strap with a tape measure.

Measure your torso under your chest, where your chest strap will fit.If this measurement is even, use it as your band size.Add 1-Inch to odd to determine the size of your band.Common band sizes are 32, 34, 36 and 38, respectively.

Relax a little in the most complete part of the chest.To the nearest integer.

Subtract this number from the first measurement or band size.This number will show the size of your cup.If the difference is 1-Inch your cup size is A, 2 inch is B cup, 3 inch is C cup, 4 inch is D cup, etc.

How many bras are there?

There is only so much space in the underwear drawer, so it might be reasonable to know when to buy a bra.Most industry experts recommend buying four comfortable daily bras.You can choose the style you like in a variety of colors.Buy 2 pieces in white, 1 piece in black and at least 1 piece in nude color.

It's always a good idea to have a few special bras on hand.When your day-to-day bra won't do it, we recommend a convertible and a matron.The other is a sexy or fancy bra.Delicate lace with floral or pearl decorations demi will definitely get the attention of your special people.

A jewel-Victoria's Secret Bin Laden bra is an exhibit of the lingerie maker's fashion show.It is reported that it is worth US million, with more than 1500 carat white diamonds, blue topstones and blue sapphire, elegant environment, 18-Platinum carat.

According to the bra maker Google America, 36DD is expected to replace 36D as the most purchased bra size in 2009.Bare neccesties, an Internet bra retailer, also noted growth in DD sales.

The French word has been in existence for hundreds of years.It is used to describe a combat arm shield.It was later referred to as a military breastplate, and later as a female corset.A U.S.The underwear company adopted the word brassiere as early as the 20 th century, which soon became part of our vernacular.In the 1930 s, it was shortened to slang words.

Wash the bra alone or with other deli.Place it in the mesh bag to prevent winding.Never throw it in the dryer or it will lose its elasticity, shrink and bend and pop under the wires.

If you think your bra strap has all the support, think about it.This means that you are wearing the wrong size and the shoulder is under too much pressure.Most of the support came from the band.

Hey, guess what?The bra will not last forever.Although they are expensive, it doesn't make any sense to wear the same clothes for years in a row.They don't look like a pair of comfortable blue jeans.The bra lost support after a while and should be thrown away after a year.

When buying a new bra, don't always rely on your previous bra size.The size of your bra will change.Our bodies are complex creatures.If you're ovulating, starting to exercise, drinking too much caffeine, dieting or just getting older, then the size changes.As you mature, the size of your band and Cup will change several times.

Test your bra knowledge!

Take this real or false quiz to find out how much you have learned from this informative article.Bras may never be a paltry pursuit category, but you will be sure to impress your friends at the next cocktail party.

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