4 Must Follow Tips to Keep Your Puppy Calm

Posted by Maria Dev on November 18th, 2019

Do you have a new puppy? But keeping him calm is what you are struggling with? If you just nod to that then you are not alone. It’s common for a puppy to bite, jump in excitement, and run away from you. Getting excited, even with small things, is their natural behavior. No way you can keep the feeling contained, however, you have another option to keep them calm.

Here we’ve shared some helpful tips to follow to calm your puppy down.

Make them calm as they get out of their gate

Organize a calm exit for them. Keep their food ready as they get out of the crate. Ask them to sit, not to get to close to food or start jumping up. Only after they follow your commands, give them treat. Always be sure to get high-quality puppy supplements online from a renowned brand.

Stay calm yourself

Whenever your puppy bites, stay put. When you jerk them away, the sudden movement makes them more excited. And let’s not forget their delicate teeth, though are razor-sharp, are prone to break. Pay attention to how you move. When you want your ball of fur to stay composed, you’ve to stay focused yourself. So, keep your movements limited.

Don’t get over-excited

Understandably, you get too much excited whenever you see such an adorable creature. No matter how much tempted you are to pick them up, hold up your excitement. You can talk, coo, and chase them anytime but make sure to control yourself from hollering his or her name.

Handle with care

Your puppy is just like a new-born that has to be handled with extreme care. Gasping them surprisingly frightens them sometimes. Most of the furry friends are not fond of picking up, adoring, and reaching out to them. Your constant hands-on your pup will make them run away, give a negative association with a leash, growling, and biting.

When lifting or cuddling, always be gentle. If possible, keep treats for your puppy in hand and reward them whenever they go something good. While showing your pride or love, always pet in a way that they enjoy. Rather than using short light pets, use long and firm strokes.
Always keep the training session short, and treat for puppies handy. There are multiple websites where you can buy the best quality puppy supplement online.

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