Things You Probably Donít Know About Switchblades

Posted by JeffersonJose256 on November 18th, 2019

When talking about switchblades, it is important to look back and talk a little bit about its history. Dated back to the 600-500 BC, a folding knife was also known as the ‘Jackknife’, and it is said to be originated from the Germanic region. The size of the blade falls between 2-3 inches and the handles are composed of metal, synthetic, wood or stone. Earlier, it was also known as the ‘Stiletto”, but the term has become synonymous with the automatic switchblades that American G.I.’s brought home as souvenirs at the end of World War II.

While looking for a Boker switchblade for sale, here are a few essential things about switchblades you probably want to know:

Switchblades aren’t just weapons

More than weapons, knives are tools. Considering that humans aren’t good at cutting anything, at least without putting them in our mouths which may lead to other problems, knives allow us to cut anything we want. Besides, anything can be a weapon if you don’t know how to use it.

Folding switchblade knives are convenient to use and carry

Folding switchblade knives are the kinds of knives in which the blades are folded into their handles. The reason that most people buy them is that they can carry them in their pockets and use whenever needed. A ‘switchblade knife’ is also called switchblade because it can open automatically using hand pressure applied to the button on the handle of the knife either by operation of inertia, gravity, or both.

Although switchblade knives are illegal in some countries or a few states in the U.S, if allowed to use for good purposes, they are very handy and useful.

Oiling your blade

Oiling your knife isn’t as complicated as you think. You only need to be careful so you won’t cut your fingers while oiling. Here is a simple technique that applies to almost all Italian switchblades-

To begin with, open your knife and have a close look at the blade. Close to the base of the blade, you will see a small beveled hole. Remember that this is the oil hole.

Get yourself some knife oil. Any kind of oil would also work, however, it is still best if you can get an oil that is specially made for the type of blade that you have.

Take your oil and put a couple of drops in the oil hole. You are now halfway there.

Now, it is time to rub your blade. Make sure you are a little careful and slow. Take around 10- 15 strokes by just moving it up and down. Then, try to close your knife. After closing, try to push the button on the knife and the blade should shoot out first. If it doesn’t manually open it again and rub the blade for a few more times and repeat the process. Once the blade shoots out as you push the button, then your blade is ready to use.

There you go! Look for Boker automatic switchblades flick knives, and consider this guide if you want to know how to oil them.

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