Diagnostics for the Heart and Ultrasounds

Posted by Helvetia Diagonostics on November 18th, 2019

Electrocardiogram or ecg test in south delhi is a diagnostic tool that evaluates the well being of the heart. This test is conducted by the Helvetia Diagnostic and Healthcare in South Delhi. The centre is popular for their accuracy and proficiency in their diagnostic procedures. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is also an ultrasound center in south delhi. The healthcare centre started out as a nursing home and has now evolved into an efficient and complete diagnostic centre under the aegis of Dr. Rajan Sahunja. Dr. Rajan Sahunja is an accomplished radiologist with decades of experience in all modalities of radiology. Hence he is one of those few radiologists who are accomplished in conducting not only ultrasound or an X - ray but also CT scan and MRI.

Ultrasound is a very popular tool for diagnosis today. It is one of the safest diagnostic procedures with no exposure to radiation. Hence it is popular even with children, elderly persons as well as pregnant mothers. Ultrasound uses sound waves to take images of the insides of the body. With this test conditions affecting the organs and soft tissues can be identified. The organs would include the heart, blood vessels gall bladder, kidney, uterus etc. With the help of the ultrasound machine Dr. Rajan Sahunja is able to study the unborn foetus also. That is whether the baby is getting enough blood and is its growth normal etc. The images so generated can help identify any tumours or any abnormal growth in the body. And all this is achieved without any exposure to radiation. Hence this is why ultrasound is one of the most popular tools for diagnosis. Helvetia Diagnostic and Healthcare the ultrasound center in south delhi is also providing highly specialised ultrasounds also. This would include level II, or FNAC, or cardiology, or colour Doppler, or venous Doppler or even echocardiography. There are lots of highly specialised ultrasounds which a lot of diagnostic centres are not equipped with. But Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is a complete diagnostic ultrasound center in south delhi. All the tests are conducted in its GK 1 branch, which includes radiology imaging as well as pathology testing.

Other than echocardiography which is ultrasound of the heart, ecg test in south delhi is also conducted by the Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare ultrasound center in south delhi. ECG is a basic test to evaluate the basic functioning of the heart muscle and its valves. It is an easy test to conduct and the machine is a portable machine and hence can be carried to home of an ailing or bedridden elderly patient. This test is also conducted before any surgery or even in case for insurance companies. Any irregularity of the heart can be identified in this test. This ecg test in south delhi is a simple test to conduct as electrodes are simply placed on the chest and the machine just monitors the heart beat. Experienced technicians can also conduct this test. There after the graph is evaluated by a cardiologist or radiologist and then further decisions can be taken that is if further testing is required, etc.

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