The Multifunctional Are Not All The Same: Unlock Your Business

Posted by hassain omar on November 18th, 2019

What difference do you want me to make if your multifunction is ready to print in 10 "instead of 25"? If you agree with those who say that "the multifunctional machines are all the same" you should probably read this article. Here is step by step because a multifunction can make you recover (or on the contrary waste) precious time for your work. Are you ready to optimize your business?

We have already seen that on average in Europe, workers waste 8 min each day. and 46 sec. to wait for the printing of documents and at least 6 min and 25 sec. to wait for the machine to warm up (read more:  19 days of work a year wasted: how to fix it? A Sharp research ).

What does this mean in terms of time?

Let's start with a practical example: in your office you need a multi-function that prints on average 5,000 pages per month

Receive 2 proposals: a multi-function that has a warm-up time of 10 ", and a model with a warm-up time of 25".

On average, in an office, a print job consists of 2 pages: 5,000 pages in a month are 2,500 jobs, therefore, every month it may be necessary to wait for the heating time for 2,500 times.

What other "useless expectations" can you avoid the right multi-function?

You will surely already have had to wait to print because the multifunction is occupied by a colleague who has monopolized it. What to do? Or deceive the time by swallowing such a quantity of coffee as to make you look three times more active when the document you needed will finally be printed or use the "pull print" print without sever to send your documents to a "virtual printer" and collect them from the nearest multifunction.

Print "Pull Printing"

  •  Pick up documents from the nearest multi-function, wherever you are in the company
  •  If a multifunction is occupied, the document can be collected from another device.
  •  No printouts will be forgotten or lost: the MFP will print the documents only in the presence   of the user

And here is the question of the questions: how can I tell if they are selling me or letting me rent a good multifunction machine that will save me time and therefore money?

There is no single answer. We can tell you that a customer is satisfied when responding to his needs. The most innovative multi-function, with more features and more recent could allow you to print fantastic color photographic images, but if your need is not this, but for example to reduce waste of time, this multifunction will not improve your work, on the contrary it will make it worse.

The Strategy To Understand Which Multifunction You Need To Save Time?

  1. The one built with you and for you, based on your needs. Don't trust those who offer you a car without having listened to your needs.

     2. The one that does not fail to analyze any aspect of the document process of your company. There is nothing to do with standard solutions, standard results. Let the specialist propose  you a customized solution.

  1. The one that offers the best solution for Printer Repair. The best solution is the one that makes you satisfied. Being satisfied means: having spent your money well in order to improve and not worsen or leave your business unchanged.

Have you read this article and are convinced that you need a Multi-function with lower heating and printing times to save up to 16 of the 19 days wasted on average each year due to obsolete or impractical office technology?

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