Top Open source Tools to Make Ubuntu User-Friendly

Posted by Alex Costa on November 18th, 2019

Ubuntu is a great operating system which is based on Linux (Linux is used by the top 10 supercomputers). Since Ubuntu is an Open Source Operating System you can extend it to your imagination. You can even create your own operating system but in this article, we are going to talk about the top opensource tools that you should install after you’ve finished installing Ubuntu.


Video Lan is the Most Powerful Media Player that is available for free. It is so powerful and robust that it runs in multiple platform and supports almost all the Video/Audio Files that are out there. You can download VLC from the Ubuntu Software Centre.

Tor Browser

TOR “The Onion Router" is an open source proxy browser software which is available on all mobile and desktop platforms. If you are concern about your ISP tracking your search history then you should definitely use Tor Browser. It is also known as the anonymous browser. The only drawback is  Tor does not prevent online services from determining when it is being accessed through Tor. Tor browser is also available for Android. You can check out the Best Proxy Browsers for Android/iOS list.

Synaptic Package Manager

If you have used Ubuntu for a while or you have the touch of Opensource Tools then you might have come across the term Package Manager. Package Manager is basically a tool using which you can install, remove and update an application on your system. By Default, APT (Aptitude Package Manager) is used in Ubuntu which is Command Line but on the other hand Synaptic Package Manager is a Graphical one in which you can click on the files and get options to remove, install or modify them easily.

Ubuntu Restricted Extras

Ubuntu Restricted Extras contains the Formats like Quicktime, DVD and Windows media which are proprietary and require some license. Since Ubuntu believes in Opensource Tools and only those softwares are available in-built. So, You need to install Ubuntu Restricted Extras to Enable the Copyright Formats Functionality on your Ubuntu.

Google Chrome

Chrome is a Free opensource browser by google based on the chromium Project. The only problem with the chromium browser is that you need to manually install the Flash Player Plugin whereas in Chrome you don’t, you can play YouTube videos without installing any other plugin.


Compiz Config Settings Manager is an amazing tool that adds up a whole new User Experience to your Ubuntu. By installing CCSM you can say goodbye to your boring Ubuntu UX and say Hello to a Hackable OS that mostly looks like the Computer Interface in Die Hard 4.0. With CCSM you can customize your Ubuntu to it’s maximum potential. Remember CCSM requires high Graphic Processing so it’s better you have at least a mid-level Graphic Card.

Graphic Drivers

If you have a Graphic Card then you need to install their Drivers. Ubuntu automatically detects the type of Card you’re using and displays the Version that is required to be installed. Make Sure you install the right Graphic Software and its Compatible Version so that it doesn’t mess up your laptop in long run.


You must already know the features of Dropbox and what are its benefits, how it can increase your productivity and more.

Nevertheless, Dropbox is a nice Storage Cloud app that is compatible with almost all the platforms and even mobiles. It stores your files, folders, essential documents and more. You can edit it on the go with your friends just by sending them an URL of the Document that you want to share.

Ubuntu tweak tool

Ubuntu Tweak is an App using which you can change the look and feel of your Ubuntu easily. It provides you with many options and settings that you can tweak and if there is a problem you can restore it back effortlessly.

Indicators for Ubuntu

Indicators are used to give us the current update of your app like whether or your network. There are many Indicators that can make your life easier. You can make your desktop look good and see the updates of your things on your menu bar without opening that app.

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